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  • trejder


    Thank you! This brings me closer, but still doesn’t answer my question.

    Both documentation and examples for both APIs that are in my scope, i.e:


    documents only how to access particular API and how to retrieve some data from other programming language, script, plugin etc.

    While I am asking on how can I access WordPress data (from my blogs) for testing and reporting purposes. I.e. how can I get some data (i.e. posts count for a good start) directly in browser, in some testing tools (i.e. SoapUI) or in some business intelligence tools.

    Is this possible? Is this somewhere documented? Either I am blind or doesn’t have much information and examples on that.



    Does this mean that since WordPress 3.5 there is no checkbox mentioned in my question (and the linked guide is seriously out-dated)? And that this is OK that I don’t see corresponding option in Settings > Writing?

    This seems to be hard to believe. We have WordPress 5.3 and the option is gone since 3.5 and they haven’t updated the guide at so far?



    Thank you, but still:

    Step 1: Create a Multisite install

    I need a solution that I can apply over existing multisite installation.

    Maybe, if you notice a large statements on nearly every page that this forum is not monitored and you should use author’s email or GitHub issues to report your question on problem — then you’ll understand, why you can’t get any answer here?

    “This forum is unmonitored” means “don’t ask here, don’t expect answers here”. It is as simple as that. Cheers.

    Clean and easy solution, thank! 🙂

    Hi Julie,

    actually — no. I like this plugin quite well, so I decided to use it and incorporate some kind of “More info” page to my blog. I did not search for anything else.


    Hi Julie,

    I don’t know about legislation, but I do seen a lot of cookie consents, which were minified to just a statement. Something like “This site is using cookies. If you continue to use it, you agree to this fact. You can change your cookie settings in your browser settings”. And that’s all. No “More info” button, no nothing.

    I based my feature request on this assumption.


    I have, of course, fixed this myself, be commenting out everything around case 90 in all files and putting return true; break; instead of commented-out code. But, that is my personal workaround and would be nice to have this fix in official release.

    You may also consider setting any Google Fonts (Duru Sans?) as default, becaue other fails on non-Latin characters (ugly font substitution goes).

    Any idea, when we can expect to have this fixed?

    Without Right Alt+Z functional (not re-defined) I can’t edit any Polish text and must disable your plugin. Which is very pity for me, because I find it extremely useful!

    I think, I have found, what is causing metioned problem. It has nothing to do with TablePress as I don’t use this plugin.

    Your plugin is uses following HTML element to render buttons: <div id="ed_toolbar" style="">. This element contains all the buttons, that your plugin adds.

    “Something” is adding the very same element below, with the same ID (strange), with quicktags-toolbar class and some styling, i.e.: <div id="ed_toolbar" class="quicktags-toolbar" style="position: absolute; top: 0px; width: 1399px;"></div>. This element contains no buttons and no other elements, but since it is positioned on-top of “your” element, then it hides it completely.

    I don’t know, what is that “something”, that adds this element, because browsing through entire code (all files) of your plugin reveals, that there is not even a tiny line, that would contain quicktags-toolbar string (class of additional element). So, my only guessing is that something is adding this element dynamically. It is supported, by the fact, that if you observe editing area on slow computer and slow connection, you may see, that buttons appears as normal initially and are covered by additional toolbar only after “spinner” ends spinning.

    I don’t know what is causing this and how to fix this in professional manner, but an ugly workaround, that I found was to add .quicktags-toolbar {display: none;} styling to the end of mdqt_style.css file and upload it to FTP.

    That’s another good idea. However, this cuts me of from master theme updates, right? On the other hand, such simple theme shouldn’t be updated too often.

    I like both Edda and its master Saga for their simplicty and I agree with you that certain themes should not need extra sidebar. In this particular case I was rather thinking about adding a small sidebar at the bottom to put my social links, blogroll (links to sister blogs) and (in future) maybe some ads. I agree, that adding big sidebars may ruin perfect, simple themes, but then again, blogs that are part of certain blog network, that does not have links to their sister blogs or socials aren’t that good enough. In case of Edda and Saga, the only alternative next to adding own siderbar, that I see, is to add a sticky post containing these links. I think, you agree, that this is far more worse option than adding own sidebar at the bottom of theme, right? :>

    Thanks for a lightning-fast answer! :>

    I’m using Edda theme, which is already a child theme of Saga theme. But, I get your point and your suggestion of using child themes does sound as a reasonable idea! :>

    Nope, I don’t use this plugin. I didn’t even know, there is such plugin at all.

    I have got the feeling, that your plugin’s buttons are hidden by standard WordPress toolbar. But since, the entity, which is hidning them, is empty, then I’m not sure, what is this.

    At current version set (WordPress 4.3 + plugin 0.9.5) everything seems fine — Add Media and other buttons seems to be working just fine.

    @jkhongusc: I don’t know, what version I do have now (becaue I don’t have any access to dashboard and I don’t know how to check it other ways). Downgrading to earlier version is not an option for me. I want to have all security issues covered, so I always install newest available version.

    @jan Dembowski: I don’t know, how to check it, but I’m pretty sure, that is not an issue. Mainly because:

    • domains and redirects are handled by mu-plugin, and described problems are also present with this (and all other plugins) completely disabled,
    • if this would be caused by incorrect redirect / domain configuration, why did it collapse after recent update, not many weeks or months ago (I just check it, that I have this blog network for nearly two years)?

    Thanks for all your effort once again, by I’m beginning to think, that total wipe and starting from the scratch is the only way in this case.

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