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  • First, I thank you for checking on a clean system, at least I may hope now that a clean installation may help. Not clear for how long, though. I thank fist, because there is not much good I can tell about the rest of your response.

    The message you’ve written for this review is not truth.

    My report is truth. Period.

    …please let us know the name of that plugin to allow us fix this conflict in future releases

    you’ve just said there is nothing to fix =//// my be disappointy and cry.

    If your software does not (so far) operate with a bunch of other plugins or on an unfresh database, it does not make the report untruthful. It is still a problem and I want to work with that amount of plugins: they do not interfere between themselves and I have had no headaches with them before your plugin kicked in. These are facts.

    Neither a found solution invalidates my report: I reported observations clearly showing interference and I still have no idea why and where in the code it occurs.

    Further. As I expected from the observed interference, I had mined quite a bunch of other bugs (either because of wpDiscuz or unfresh database, it does not matter, interference has mutual nature) for you and developed a few recommendations for improvement in terms of usability and coding (I normally do it for myself anyway), but I have suddenly lost the wish to share this material with you.

    Summing up, by now including some experience with adjusting the plugin, I even more firmly think it is 4.0-4.5* (acting only on the basis of objective data, excluding the disappointment about calling my report a lie).

    Wish you all the best though,
    Good bye.



    How to do this? What exactly do you want to see? The theme folder?

    I myself did not put any JS in the code, but I use quite a number of plugins.

    this bug is interference which is rather a serious phenomenon by itself in programming terms. If there is such a manifestation, there may be expected deeper bugs of interference nature. Take it seriously, don’t barely rely on the minor character of the reported problem.

    Overall, I ran onto wpDiscuz about 5 times but each time had to deactivate it in favour of some other software for this or that reason. This should be alarming. Now I am again considering it after adding more flesh on a site, and finding such strange and hard-to-catch things.

    By observing discussions in the Review section here I see that you are getting very good reports that should help you a lot. In this regard, it would be a crime to put 5-star: I want to attract your attention to a problem. It may be easy to fix, but, while brushing up, may help you discover similar issues with other options.

    Don’t worry, you’re heading to your million of 5-stars and any bug reports will stay outnumbered, if things get fixed and people finally see a replacement for monsters (for me with quite negative connotation) like Disqus. I’d call this approach of fighting <5* constructive =)

    I confirm. But the issues are a lot more.

    I can only randomly summarize observations now.

    Flags are not in the “whole” loop, showing only after Infinite Scroll (I have it) starts loading extra pages.

    Empty lang tabs in the editor: how should they work? I lose posts every time I try to use them! When I switch lang tab, editor shifts vertically: something is missing on the page?

    “Dismiss” in tips should be “Next” instead, because it keeps giving other tips. Better to have 3 buttons: prev next close.

    In Show flags Many bugs. Triggers (very confusing state indication, better use usual checkboxes!) in the headers below Show flags section won’t turn on/off. After many clicks I could turn on float div but now cannot remove it! The same with the other header checkboxes: it turns on without displaying it, then you cannit turn them off.

    Bottom toolbar (float div) should have more placement options: I have infinite scroll, the bottom part is useless for me but I can’t place it anywhere else.

    I won’t open a topic for each of these bugs, I instead kindly appeal to the plugin author to fix bugs and test for them systematically.

    I did not say they work together, I said both options malfunction. Independently. If I flag the checkbox that is supposed to stop picking the first image in the post+comments, it does not stop doing so. I want a post without an image to be on the Top10 list, but instead of the default image, I get a (first) comment image in the Top10 list. This is ridiculous because a random user can effectively modify the post author’s desired image: why? If the post has no image and the “picking” option is off, I must see the default image.

    But today I observe even more problems: the plugin sets the default image, if the picking option is unchecked. The corresponding posts have their own posted images, but the plugin does not use them.

    And sometimes images disappear leaving only a blank box and an “alt” text on them. One may reload multiple times without success. Later they may recover.

    It’s too many issues with otherwise a stable WP installation: no other strangenesses are observed with 20+ plugins (to rule out any guesses about network, DB or cache problems).

    So, donno… for now looks quite disappointing.

    I am working on WP 4.4, Twenty Twelve. Wish it thoroughly tested, I’d use it, but at the moment it looks like I’d have to become a full-time beta tester.

    ahh, ok!

    then can this list of options [load more], [load rest], [Lazy load] be extended with [load all at once] to enable such a straight-forward non-paginated layout where comments are all in one page and the comment appears where it should?


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