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  • tonyteehee51


    I did v3 recaptcha by domain name. It never works. V2 recaptcha works in version 4.8.6 but does not work in 4.8.7 or 4.8.8.

    I haven’t got the time to faff about getting locked out my site and having to deactivate the plugin.

    Will stick with 4.8.6 meantime as it is the only one that works with V2 recaptcha



    Having same problems. In 4.8.7 problems started. v3 recaptcha just doesn’t work. V2 recaptcha does not work in 4.8.7 or upwards

    Have had to roll back to 4.8.6 so that I can get v2 recaptcha to work again.


    Never update plugins as soon as they are released. Invariably they are full of errors or have compatibility issues and the cause of great grief. 5.04 appears to be testament to that. Too many WordPress users always dive in and update right away. Tread with caution is all I can say

    Ignore the above managed to workout what was wrong. Working tickets boo now.

    Rule of thumb with plugins. Don’t update them until you are satisfied they work properly. Now I have seen the conversation going on here and decided I won’t update until issues have been sorted.

    The more you rant and rave the slower the rectification. It’s a free plugin. If not happy I would suggest going and paying $130 a year for an equivalent for overpriced plugin which I can assure you have the same error rates. Alternatively provide the error information and be patient and allow the developer to make changes. Getting their back up is not the way to proceed.
    Oh this is a neutral observation. I am another user of an excellent FREE plugin


    I have the exact same problem. I have changed theme, disabled all plugins all to no avail. Your not alone out there. Either google is doing something to stop events going over or the plugin doesn’t work properly. Oh and I have the latest edition of the calendar so the fix isn’t working whatever it is.

    Apple calendar updates fine. I cannot for the life of me get it to sync with Google calendar.
    I can download the ICS file from any other calendar option and create a calendar in google and get the events this way but when I press the google calendar option in the calendar it gives me the code and sets up the link but never sends the events.

    Very irksome indeed as the software isn’t doing as it should.

    Just as an aside if you run a maintenance mode the calendar gives an error if trying to connect to anything. Just for those who might try to connect in maintenance mode.

    Using in conjunction with Restrict Content Pro.

    rcp_is_active() is the function I am using to hide pages from those who don’t have an active account. Will check what plugin is blocking. Hopefully it is not the Makeplus child them although it shouldn’t be as it worked before updating to 4.8

    As the same thing happened to me I did a bit of investigating. When trying to connect make sure you do not have maintenance mode on. I got errors when trying to subscribe to both Apple and Google calendars. The same error you have. On taking the maintenance mode off i was able to connect to both Google and Apple. Apple works like a charm with no problems whatsoever. Google on the other hand doesn’t want to play ball. Doesn’t load my events automatically. It creates the Calendar but doesn’t export the events
    The only way I can get Events to download to google is to use the Any other Calendar option and download the ics file and then import via google calendar settings page.

    Not really automatic

    i’m getting same problem. Why would you ask us to load a plugin that hasn’t been updated for 4 years

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)