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  • Find the section in the septera stylesheet where that button is styles and change its background color.
    The style section is:
    a[class^=”staticslider-button”] {
    margin-top: 10px;
    padding: 4px;
    font-size: 10px;
    font-weight: bold;
    text-transform: uppercase;
    letter-spacing: 1px;

    Preferably copy it to your own style.css in your child theme and use !iomportant to override any changes in the parent themes style.
    I found out that !important is very useful, especially with the septera theme. I don’t know why though…

    I found that the reason for the 100% width was that the developers did implement this option to be in the head section of the frontage. Obviously not possible to just copy and paste the code and expect it to become 100% on other areas of the site. I suspected they used some kind of css overlay or something but they didn’t.
    I have managed to implement another – not so cool solution like on this page
    Its not 100% in width for every other div (the grey ones) but it’s ok.


    What can be the cause of these problems?
    I’ll bet that the problem josmatic is experiencing is not similar to mine. And as mentioned, I have another problem with my site layout when using the the Service Box plugin.

    I have never experienced layout problems with other plugins from other publishers and it seems that even though you code very nice plugins, maybe the way you do it is conflicting with some general guidelines on wordpress?
    May sound stupid and hopefully I’m wrong about this, but it’s just a little funny that now two different plugins make my site appear odd.

    I really hope that you can fix this as I really like these two plugins and will use other cool plugins from you in the future, given that these plugins are not totally destroying my own work and my other plugins on my site 🙂


    Thanks for getting back to me!
    The page I’m testing my testimonials on is

    A random blog post where the problem is when activating the plugin

    Screenshot of share buttons before activating the plugin testimonial activation.gif

    Screenshot of share buttons after activation the plugin testimonial activation.gif

    Regarding the issues with the Service Box plugin, I guess it would be great to have the first issue resolved first. As I don’t want to activate the other and ruin the layout of my site.

    Thanks in advance for any feedback and help!


    I managed to resolve this problem thanks to your advice.
    By putting in this if statement and first printing out some arbitrary text, I found that the problem was with the build-in logic in this particular theme.

    I already had some logic in a conditional but I just jused the build-in call to the sidebar wich was thinkup_sidebar_html();

    Replacing this with get_sidebar() resolved the problem immidiately and the sidebar is now showing on both the faq pages and on all other pages (except for some specific pages I chose).

    Thanks a bunch for your valuable feedback.

    Thanks for the suggestion!
    The funny thing – or the thing that I cannot wrap my head around – is that the sidebar is actually set in the footer.php on my particular theme.

    I have a conditional which make sure that the sidebar is NOT set if the page is a particular custom page type, but I would suspect that the sidebar would be set on all other pages and posts. It IS set on all regular posts on the blog and on all other pages wich is not specified in this particular conditional.

    Is there a way I can make sure it’s on ufaq post template without having to make a new template file?

    You can play around with the width of the sidebar in the stylesheet file called thinkup-right-sidebar.css located in styles/layouts/thinkup-right-sidebar.css

    It works for me but I face some other challenges with this right sidebar.
    No problems with the width however.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)