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  • Just discovered I can use /* */ for beginning and end 🙂

    Awesome! I will give that a try. because of all the custom CSS I have, is there a way to comment out the code I don’t want to use at the moment? Can I just do ** or */ or something?

    Sorry I havent gotten back to this. I did just try the recommended plugin, but I am noticing that I currently dont have a “continue shopping” link to hit. All I see is “Cart Updated”. Any reason why that would be?

    Thank you

    Well that is somewhat comforting. I will hit them up and see if they can give any insight on that. I am currently using both as kind of a “test” run of sorts. I was using BackupGuard first until I found UpdraftPlus. I didn’t want to completely let go of BackupGuard just yet until I was set on one or the other. There are some difference right now as far as the free versions go.
    * BackupGuard (free) doesn’t do cloud and when you do get the paid version, it doesn’t support Google Drive until you pay for the mid level plan.
    * UpdraftPlus (free) supports cloud, and local storage, and actually has saved my butt once just recently so I do plan on buying it. UpdraftPlus also seems to be a more thorough backup solution than BackupGuard, so that also seems pretty great.

    Right now, I am just on the fence until I do actually buy UpdraftPlus. I guess its a C.Y.A kind of thing right now…lol

    Currently I was able to get one image to cover the background from an image (for experimenting with) I have loaded into my Media, but how can I have multiple images stacked on top of each other? Best case scenario, I would like to be able to stack multiple images, similar to what you’ll see on my /shop-woo/ page. You’ll notice that theirs multiple images stacked on top of each other. In this example there’s on 2, but I would like to see if I could get 3 stacked on top of each other. Worst case scenario, I would like to at least not have one image that doesn’t repeat itself on the background, like it currently does.

    Thank you

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    Sorry for getting back to this after so long. I did see two more sets of quotes and have now removed them. I have 2 caching programs and ran those, I also logged out and back in after that, and still the “…” for 4 of the products. Any other ideas that may correct that?

    Thank you very much. That first bit of CSS worked, however, the second one isn’t working. Like the first one, the second CSS code is supposed to be placed in the “Custom CSS” area of the catalog, correct? I went to the provided URL in that, and that came up fine, so I know that part works, just not sure why the code doesn’t work. Any ideas? Is there a way to have multiple, stacked, background images if I wanted to? Think of it being 2 or 3 full width images stacked on top of each other. Not for sure if I’ll be doing it, but just in case I do, I’d still like to see if it’s possible.

    Thank you, I will definitely look into those new ones you mentioned. The one thing I noticed with Autoptimize and Fastest Cache, is that it greatly improved compared to using just one or the other by itself.

    Between my current backup apps, I think updraft would be best because I think it does cloud and local backups on the server. However, I will still look into the one you suggested and see how it compares. I don’t thin I have heard of comment cache so I will look into that one as well.

    Thank you for your help



    I removed the “” from all three (keeper, protector, and defender) and still no change.

    In the back end, the UPC description for the same 3 products just shows “…”

    Thank you



    I think the only issue I can see right now from trying this is that when you hit the “continue shopping” button on the “cart” page, you get sent back to the single product page, rather than the catalog page that the associated product belongs in.

    I guess to further explain, If I select “Product A” From Catalog “Letters” and end up on the cart page and shows the button “continue shopping” I don’t want to be brought back to the “Product A” page. I want to be brought back to the “Letters” Catalog page.

    Much like, if at any point I select “Product 1” from the “Numbers” Catalog, and end up on the cart page and shows the button “continue shopping”, I don’t want to be brought back to the “Product 1” page. I want to be brought back to the “Numbers” Catalog page.

    I am assuming that the “continue shopping” button can only be designated to go to one page (either the product you just added to the cart, or the “shop” page) and if that’s the case, having two separate catalog pages poses an issue.

    I did try the CSS, and that works great. I do like the suggestion of doing two catalog pages, as that would clean it up a bit, but I am not sure how I would successfully pull that off and everything work the way I’d like it to.

    I have had “Related Products” set to none, and had “WooCommerce Product Page” disabled this whole time. Iv’e also cleared the cache multiple times as well. That’s why it seems so odd to have this issue. The individual product pages are fine now. But I still see stuff on the very bottom of my “shop” page.

    Thank you so much for your help.

    I was able to remove “Related Products” at the bottom of each single product page by adding:
    /* Remove WooCommerce Related Products */
    add_filter(‘woocommerce_product_related_posts_query’, ‘__return_empty_array’, 100);
    in the functions-enfold.php However, I still have that issue on the products catalog page

    Thank you for your help and all of that info. I did take a look at the “Woocommerce Product Page” setting, and I did/do have that turned off, but the pages that look like they’re a Woocommerce default design (but this is the one that is generated by UPC?), are what’s showing up when I click a product link in the catalog.

    I did do the “save” on the permalinks as you recommended. I am guessing that since I am still seeing the “Related Products” on the bottom of the catalog page and single product pages that it must be coming from woocommerce than?


    1. I have now solved this issue. I guess the only problem I have with this is that the single product page not only takes me to a page that is a default woocommerce design, but also shows the “Related Products” which I want to remove ( along with the drop down menu’s) and I have not been able to find out how. From what I can tell, it is disabled in UPC though.

    2. This is also solved now. The first half of this issue anyway. I found that there was a setting that needed to be changed so that it would attach to the menu.

    In regards to to the /?SingleProduct=2 part, doing that will take you to a single product page that appears different than the woocommerce looking one. If I were to want to use this style instead (not sure if I do want to use it or not yet) how would I go about doing that?

    Thank you

    OH MAN! That worked out perfect. Once you mentioned what I should be doing, it made perfect sense. I think the only thing left that I am not sure how to do, is removing that side bar deal that shows up when you go to the single product pages. How could I go about removing that?

    Thank a gain for your help

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