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  • Thank you so much, your input is super helpful!

    Indeed, I am looking for someone to develop this plugin, but it is quite pricy especially if I don’t plan on selling the plugin, just using it.

    if you ever feel like taking on a project like this to fill the empty space in the market, that would be super awesome, because I can very much appreciate the design and detail of your plugins!
    if not, then just would like to thank you again for pointing me in the right direction 🙂

    Great, my idea is to make the following, I will paste the idea below… just wanted to ask if you think your plugin in combination with an upload plugin and some custom coding could accomplish this:

    Please see exactly what I need to be done in the video here:
    There are separate plugins which cover separate aspects of this functionality, but I need a single plugin which will cover all of this simple functionality.

    STEP 1 (Making a Purchase)
    ADD UPLOAD CAPABILITY (WooCommerce Upload Files)
    ADD Notes Field (Message to shop)

    STEP 2 (After Client makes a purchase and signs up)
    Order state is in RECEIVED and IN PROGRESS
    Customer is redirected to ORDER STATUS
    Here he can see his uploaded Photo (+ an option to add a message to shop)

    STEP 3 (Order Delivered by Shop)
    Once the Shop Designer uploads the edited Artwork, the order is Marked as “PENDING APPROVAL”
    *Multiple Files can be sent, in which case Client has to select which one he approves.
    The client can choose 2 options: ACCEPT or REVISE (optionally add a DECLINE button)
    If ACCEPT the order is Finished and Changes order to DELIVERED
    if DECLINED go back to Step 2

    I agree!
    a php code is Rad, but a [shortcode] is so much more simplier!

    and if you want to take it a step further a widget!!! I mean DAMN! your plugin is good, but your implementation sucks!

    Same thing, is there no link that I can simply type in instead of clicking on the “Print” tab?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)