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    Nevermind I found a query that works thanks to StackOverflow.



    Ok, I created a subscription for myself on the front end by adding the product to my cart and checking out using check payment method. I then went to the admin portal and manually completed/approved the order. So now my user account has an active subscription.

    However, I am not sure how to query whether or not the logged in user has an active subscription for a specific product and then return either true or false.

    When a new subscription is made, several post meta rows are created. Here are some examples:

    post_id: 468
    meta_key: _product_id
    meta_value: 432
    post_id: 468
    meta_key: _status
    meta_value: active
    post_id: 468
    meta_key: _user_id
    meta_value: 1

    In this examples, user #1 (my admin account) has an “active” subscription to the product with the ID “432”. The subscription is ID “468”. I need a way to query and determine whether all 3 of these conditions are true for the given user and the specific product.

    Hello I have a similar need. I have some posts in a certain post category. I would like all of the posts assigned to that category to expire 3 weeks after they are originally published. Because my posts are automatically generated, it would not be ideal for me to slow down the creation process of the post to manually go in and enter an expiration date for each post. If all of the expiration dates could be automatic to be 3 weeks after the post goes live that would be perfect for me.

    Hello, I am having the same issue with Twitch images. I have researched extensively the topic of “WordPress broken images” and “WordPress 0kb image upload” and came across several posts on the internet. I have tried all of the following recommendations and nothing has worked. I am only experiencing the broken images with your plugin. And that is, even with a fresh install of WP using the Twentyseventeen theme without ANY other plugins installed.

    1.) Changed upload, wp-contents, and wp root installation folder to 777 permissions (were previously set to 755 which should have been sufficient as-is).
    2.) Disabled MOD Security in my cpanel and in my .htaccess.
    3.) Ensured my maximum php memory limit in my php.ini file and wp-config file were sufficient.
    4.) Ensured my maximum script execution time in my php.ini file was sufficient.
    5.) Ensured my server is able to use get_file_contents and put_file_contents (not a problem because I use these functions in my own php scripts).
    6.) Ensured I had a strong internet connection when attempting the uploads
    7.) I even switched my image processing to Imagick.

    I deactivated all plugins and switched to theme TwentySeventeen and the errors persisted.


    I am using both SS and UM plugins. I have SS because I want to restrict my user registration to ONLY be able to register using Twitch, however, I want users to be able to log in either by connecting to Twitch or using the username or password created during the time of sign up (retrieved from Twitch). Any way I could accomplish that? I basically need to hide all of the fields on the registration page of the UM plugin and display the Twitch social icon on the UM login.

    I think the easier way to fix this issue is to have a meta box on the Add/Edit post page. The meta field will be a check box and it will be checked by default for new posts and unchecked by default for updating an existing post. If the box is checked when we hit the Publish/Update button, then it posts to Discord. Otherwise it does not post.

    Thank you, I have joined the GitHub

    Sounds good.

    So I successfully set up the plugin thanks to your help I tested it and it does work with sending Twitch Feed posts to my Twitch account. I haven’t seen it successfully sync a status update from Twitch to my site, however. I only tried once.

    One feature I’d really like to see: I currently use NextScripts Social Network Auto Poster plugin ( to automatically publish new posts to various social media accounts. The different social media accounts are listed as check boxes on the Add New Post and Edit Posts pages. The check box is checked by default for new posts, and unchecked by default for updating an existing post. If I hit publish/update with the check box checked, then it posts to the corresponding social media accounts. I would like to see the same functionality with Twitch Press. I’m not really using the Twitch Feeds post type (I recognize that others might) so I don’t want to see that go away. But I would like to see that when I create a regular blog post (or page, or any custom post type that I specify perhaps in a settings area), that I have the option by way of a check box, to also publish it to my Twitch channel feed. The feed would say “A new %posttype% has been published at %sitename%: %postlink%”. Ideally this text would be customization in the settings area.

    Also, regarding your greater project road map. I use a few different Twitch services in my WP site so if there was one plugin that included all of these features together that would be awesome:

    1.) Display “Currently Live/Offline” status/button on page by way of shortcode. Button/message should have the option to display viewer count, game title, stream title, and stream preview if user chooses. I currently use this plugin that I have tweaked some

    2.) Curate a selection of VODs either based on keyword or channel name. I have a page that displays all my VODs but working with plugin dev to get it working properly. Plugin I am referencing is this

    3.) Embed shortcode generator. My thinking for this is yes there is an admin settings area where the admin enters their Twitch credentials, but I’m thinking maybe an area specifically for generating shortcodes that contain the HTML iframe for embedding a stream. The user would enter a Twitch channel or VOD (because maybe they want to embed different channels’ streams or VODs on different pages) and upon entering the information, they would hit a general shortcode button. The shortcode would be minimal and look something like [twitch_embed_4] for example if this is the 4th shortcode they have generated. This shortcode would be tied to the specific Twitch channel or VOD they referenced when creating it. The shortcodes could be used in sidebar widgets, on pages, or anywhere else shortcodes are accepted. For example, maybe two or three streamers partner up and all decide to embed each other’s streams on their website in a section titled “Streamers I Support”.

    4.) I use Super Socializer ( for users to login and register using their Twitch account. It would be awesome if you could tie into the Twitch API to determine whether the currently logged in user is a Twitch follower or even a sub. After that, a way to allow certain pages and posts to be only viewed by followers/subs would be awesome.

    5.) I use The Events Calendar plugin ( where I post events such as an upcoming 24-hr stream. It would be create if Twitch Press could read events I post via Twitch and create a new event on my WP events page.

    Just so of my ideas so far.

    This is also an issue for me. Please fix asap.

    Also, it would be lovely if it was a check box (checked by default) on the Add New Post page where you leave it checked to post to Discord or ubcheck it if you don’t want it posted to Discord. On the Edit Post page it would be unchecked by default. There is this functionality in another plugin I use that posts content to Twitter.

    Addressing your tips:

    1.) Yes I can upload files using media upload

    2.) Yes I can use file_get_contents()

    3.) No, there is nothing in my error log.

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    Thank you. I was able to complete the set up. I published a “twitch feed” post on my WP site and it went to my my Twitch page as expected. It would be nice if I could assign other posts types, for example Posts or Pages, to publish to Twitch as well. Not the full body of the post just the title. For example: In my TwitchPress settings I have the prepend message saying “A new post was published on my website:” so I would like this to go to Twitch followed by my post title for things like regular blog posts and pages.

    thanks for the fast reply (and also coming by my stream). Where should I put that $headers code at?

    In terms of what I’m looking for in the plugin: I like the idea of posting a blog/page/custom-post-type on my WP site and that being automatically published in my Twitch feed (not the full post just a link to the post with some sort of editable description like “Hey a new posted called ‘%postname%’ was just published at %siteurl%'”. I would also like this functionality to work the other way. When I post a new Twitch status, perhaps there be some custom post type that gets updated as well that can then be queried in a sidebar widget. Or it would probably just be easier if there was a way to “embed” my actual Twitch channel feed into my WP site.

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