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  • Set up is a little fiddly as not explained in full, so just wanted to describe what I did.

    > Install, the plugin on Wp Site
    > Using an Elementor drag the PRO form widget to the page
    > Each form fields has an ID
    > Go to the Form Field options in Elementor sidebar, click on the field and you will see two tabs content and advanced.
    > under advance, you will see the ID for each field, copy this
    > Go to the Actions after summit option and select Sendfox
    > Go to Sendfox options
    > Input the API key from here – SendFox API key from here:
    > Copy the form ids accordingly
    > Copy the Sendfox list id from going to your Send fox account > Lists > Select list you want to add to > copy list id number from the URL.

    Test and this should now work and to your list in Sendfox

    You will need
    > Form field IDs
    > API Key
    > List ID

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    My site is

    Unfortunately it does not display the issues I highlight above, because i have turned off the navigation and left the images to work as they are. If I add any new slider images the problem i mention above do happen, so have restricted it to these that work.

    As i said its a weird one.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)