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  • I can easily edit caption and description in media library. Polylang let me select for every image the corresponding language to display. But the problem is, that polylang is cloning the image for every language version. That’s why I think my plan will not work.

    The point is that (for now) I have to set all slideshows twice and put the short code on the corresponding landing page (english slideshow on english page version, german sildeshow on the same page in german version).

    My question was to find a better way to handle all this doublettes because of language (best practice advice?). If we have in future a third language, we need to clone every slideshow once again.

    That’s why I’m asking you if there is any way to handle this language issue.

    But making it easier to manage the slideshows, a good idea could be to let the admin sort the sildeshow titles by moving them and maybe some group functionality would be nice, so that I could group similar slideshows together.

    Do you see any chance to adress such a functionality in metasilder development?

    Thanks for help!


    OK, I think I got it.
    I’m very busy these days, but I will try out at the weekend.
    But I’m sure the issue will be fixed now, so you’re right to mark it as resolved.

    If there is any issue I ping you next week.

    Thanks for this great support!

    Regards, Tastenmeister

    Hey kbatdorf,

    thanks again for your help on this issue. I put your code in codesnippet plugin (for me easier to manage instead of editing functions.php). Gave no error so function seems to work. Thanks!!! ­čÖé

    But just give me one last hint how to use the other code: I’m not sure where to apply your second code snippet.

    Thanks for your help!


    Hey kbatdorf,

    thanks for your reply. See here a slideshow (copy) using media images which are managed with polylang (polylang can handle media images by cloning them):

    In media overview all images have title and description texts and are marked as english or german by polylang.

    My hope is to get some recommendations about how to handle all that multi language stuff.

    In polylang every post or page gets an language version selector so we can comfortably switch between english/german without leaving the post editor.

    In metasilder this doesnt work (I know, metaslider works independently and very different). But here some switch for changing language would be nice.

    Or as an alternative moving the order of slideshows would be nice, so we can put german/english slideshows next to another.

    Maybe I should send you credentials so you can have a look yourself.

    Have a nice day!

    Regards, Tastenmeister

    • This reply was modified 5 months, 3 weeks ago by tastenmeister.

    THanks for help. After update the problem is fixed!

    Cheers, Riccardo

    Hey Hannah,

    thanks for your answer. Sorry for providing so little information. The problem is that I use an additional plugin for handling custom fields, but the dev of that plugin is a bit overwhemled with the fe calculation. That’s the reason why I’m asking here. Maybe there is a better way to solve the problem.

    The goal is to add automatically a negative fee (=discount) if a shop item fulfills a date condition. The user is able to pick a date from a custom field (renting date in my case) for every item. Depending on the selected day (if date is 15th of a month) the additional fee/discount of -50% should be applied. In best case it is applied to each item separately. It’s important for me that the original price is shown in cart next to the items, so I want the discount to show in the subtotals section below.

    I use WC Fields Factory to handle the date field and I can set the conditions there.

    I stay in contact with the dev of WC Fields Factory, but he isn’t able to fix the calculation of the fees. It seems, that WC is adding tax to the fee, so that the sum is not -50% but a little bit more. The dev managed to trick out this additional tax so the fee is now shown right (exact -50%) but now the total is too low (missing some cents), so there seems to miss something.

    My question is: how is Woocommerce handling the calculation of totals, so that I can add fees (negative and positive, taxable and non-taxable) which are dependend from custom fields.

    You can reproduce the problem if you to the following:

    visit and choose a date with contains 15th of a month (if you like you can choose any other instrument from the menu).
    Put it in cart and see the subtotals section below. First line is subtotal (incl. 19% tax), second line is a deposit (a non-taxable fee) from WC Fields factory. Third line is discount for half month (negative and taxable so that tax is as well reduced).
    As you can see the total (incl. VAT) is below not correct (and so the VAT below too).

    I would be very thankful if you could investigate in that topic and help me to finish that problem.

    I can give you WP credentials if you like, so that you can have a look inside.

    Best Regards, Riccardo

    Hi Jay,

    just tested it. No, it’s not an issue of the theme. Problem still occurs. Had already contact to the theme dev.

    But now I found out, that the cookie pluging is causing the problem.

    So, no need for further investigation.

    Best Regards, Riccardo

    Hi there, anyone any idea???
    Please contact me if you need further infos about the problem.

    Best regards, Riccardo


    thanks for your quick answer. Inserting this snippet to functions.php gives an error: syntax error, unexpected 'function' (T_FUNCTION) in line 2.

    If that works, how can I add the if condition to let the admin see all sildeshows?

    Thanks, thats the kind of solution I like ­čśë

    Thank you!!!

    Cheers, Tastenmeister.

    Hi Mikey,

    thanks for your help. I’ll will give the gravity forms a try. Maybe I’ll find a way to get it managed. In my case the regular unit is “per month”. So far no problem. But if the customer chooses different product variations, the unit has to become “for current month”, because the first (current) month rate will be different and I have to make it clear, that first payment is only for the current month.

    That’s why the price calculator seems not to help in my case because it can calculate proportionally the rate per unit but not handle the exception that first payment is only for first rate (so it should be a different unit).

    So I will try the gravity forms addon the next days. I let you know if it works for me or not. If you have any other ideas for my case feel free to write.

    Thanks for your great help!!!


    Hi Brad,

    thanks for your Support. Since i’m new to this board sorry for the stupid question: How to write pm in this board?

    I have a general Unit “per month” and if the User selects a given Variation the unit has to change to “for first month”.

    Thats my case. Hope your plugin can solve tho problem.


    Da sich das Problemset etwas ge├Ąndert hat, schiebe ich das mal in ein neues Thema.

    Das mit dem “/” hat sich mittlerweile auch erledigt. Das einzige was jetzt noch ist, ist die ungl├╝ckliche Darstellung im Warenkorb:

    Der Grundpreis wird genau zwischen Endpreis und Einheit dazwischen gesetzt:

    36,50 ÔéČ [18,25 ÔéČ im laufenden Monat] pro Monat

    Wei├č jemand wie ich das so umstellen kann, dass der Grundpreis am Ende nach der Einheit angezeigt wird?

    Danke f├╝r de Unterst├╝tzung!

    Gru├č, tastenmeister

    Ich habe ├╝brigens schon einen halben Workaround gefunden. F├╝r die andere H├Ąlfte brauche ich noch mal Hilfe:

    Dank Custom CSS konnte ich die Klasse .unit einfach ausblenden. Dadaurch wird nur die Einheit des Grundpreises ausgeblendet, nicht aber die Einheit der Produktvariante.

    Die Folge ist, dass ich im germanized plugin einen Grundpreis Text nutzen kann, der hinter dem Grundpreis eingeblendet wird.

    Jetzt fehlt mir nur noch eine Sache: Zwischen dem Grundpreis und der Einheit wird ein “/” generiert. F├╝r meine Zwecke muss dieses Teil aber ausgeblendet werden. Ich finde ums verrecken nicht die Stelle im Plugin, an welcher dieser Ausdruck generiert wird. Kann mir jemand sagen, an welcher Stelle ich suchen muss, um dieses “/” auszublenden?

    Ich wei├č inzwischen, welche Stelle in der cart.php daf├╝r verantwortlich ist:

    <td class="product-price" data-title="<?php esc_attr_e( 'Price', 'woocommerce' ); ?>">
    								echo apply_filters( 'woocommerce_cart_item_price', WC()->cart->get_product_price( $_product ), $cart_item, $cart_item_key );

    Weiter komme ich nur leider nicht. Wer wei├č, wie ich das “/” zwischen Grundpreis und Einheit wegbekomme?

    Danke f├╝r eure Hilfe !

    Gru├č, der tastenmeister

    Hallo Vendidero,

    danke f├╝r deine Unterst├╝tzung. Ich gebe zu, dass das Thema nicht ganz intuitiv ist. Neben dem wocommerce Basistool l├Ąuft nur das germanized Plugin. Das ist auch der Grund, weshalb ich mich hier melde.
    Mir hat die n├Ąmlich Art und Weise gefallen, wie germanized den Grundpreis und den Variantenpreis einblendet. N├Ąmlich sowohl als auch.

    Unter diesem Link (slug muss sein, da wocommerce noch nicht aktiv genutzt wird) kannst du dir das ganze anschauen. Es ist noch nichts viel fertig und das Theme sieht noch etwas zerschossen aus. Also bitte nicht wundern, ist alles noch Baustelle ­čśë

    Es geht darum, dass ein Instrument eine Monatsmiete hat, also die Einheit “pro Monat”. Soweit so gut. Bei Mietbeginn 15. eines Monats muss f├╝r den Kunden aber deutlich werden, dass es nur um den laufenden Monat geht, also Einheit “im laufenden Monat”. Daher m├Âchte ich gern zwei verschiedene Einheiten nutzen, obwohl das zugegebenerma├čen ein Spezielszenario ist.

    Der Mietbeginn 15. ist eine Eigenschaft des Produktes bzw. eine Produktvariante.

    Hast du eine Idee, wie ich das am besten darstellen kann?

    Vielen Dank f├╝r die Unterst├╝tzung!

    Gru├č, tastenmeister

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