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    Hi Flavia,

    Please see my replies in the “Plugin not loading IMDb data” thread. The OMDb (data provider for this plugin) is now a subscription service ($1/month) and this plugin has not been updated to reflect that an API key is now necessary. A simple code change (given in the thread mentioned before) can be made to repair the plugin if you elect to get an API key for OMDb.


    For those interested, I have gone ahead and become a Patreon of OMDb at the cost of $1/month. This gets you a new API key to append to the API call like so:[yourkey]&

    Here’s what to do if you opt to become a Patreon and get an API key. After receiving the key via email, open the “OMDbAPI.php” file within the “includes” folder in the plugin source code. On line 14, there is this variable declaration:

    private $host = '';

    Change it to:

    private $host = '[yourkey]&';

    Upload the changed file and you’re back in business! Though it’s not free, I hope this helps anyone looking to support this excellent service and get the plugin back in working order.

    I haven’t checked in to this personally, but I’m guessing any issues are related to the OMDb API going private. Guessing the API key used in this plugin is no longer valid. Hopefully the author can provide us with a way forward.

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    As a follow-up, I’m having intermittent luck when searching by IMDb ID. The source of this problem looks to be with OMDb API, which supplies the data for this plugin. They have a message up now that they’re trying to repair it:

    This can be marked as resolved. In case anyone else stumbles upon this and experiences this issue, I found it to be due to Jetpack’s Photon module. The query strings for sizing the images do not play nice with the slider. I deactivated the module and everything is now fine.

    UPDATE: The slider works fine on two PC’s I have tried (Chrome and Firefox), but is malfunctioning on all browsers I have tried on Mac (Chrome, Firefox, Safari).

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)