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  • Hi,

    Sorry for the slow reply. It’s all working perfectly now. Thanks again. Also, it works perfectly with WordPress 4.8 too.

    Thanks. I’m going to try to put in the older version from last month’s backup in the meantime,

    Nope. That didn’t work. I went into Settings > General and changed the ‘users can signup’ from ‘subscriber’ to ‘pending’ to see if it would stem the flow, but it just created a signup loop, where new users can’t login.

    Hi Pete,

    Thanks for the quick reply.

    The only signups allowed are through PMpro, and I’m using Theme My Login. So, there is a single TML login page. For signups, you have to go through the PMpro membership levels.

    I also have Woocommerce (but I only use external products on it, so you can’t buy anything from the store, meaning you can’t signup there either.

    And I have BuddyPress, but I’ve set it so that there is no signup for it. It’s members only (PMpro members).

    For security, I have Wordfence, Stop Spammers and Askimet.

    I’m not sure, but I think this might be the answer:

    Turn off Registration in WP itself and just have then signup via the plugin..

    I think I have WP settings set to allow users to register. If I turn that off will they still be able to register via PMpro? I think that might solve the issue if I can turn that off.

    Thanks Jason. That works perfectly.

    Also, thank you for the great plugin.

    Just for info if anyone has a similar issue:

    1) The giant error_log issue: I turned off error_log by opening the php.ini file stored at the root of my domain and changed this line to ‘Off’:

    log_errors = On

    2) The warning on plugins.php for my_deregister_styles – I found it was caused by my attempts to combine all the CSS files to reduce the page load speed. I’m not sure why the code wasn’t working, so I just deteled it from my child theme’s functions.php file, and the error was gone. Page load speed didn’t change, so it wasn’t doing the job it was intended to do anyway. I guess I’m stuck with 22 css files loading on every page and a 70% of the page load being waiting time.

    3)No word from the host yet, but the login problem has mysteriously disappeared, and it’s working now, which was either due to the errors above or my host is working in the background to fix this right now too.

    Thanks again, Mark. I think it might be aggressive caching by the sound of the information they sent me. They enabled ‘some caching code in apache configuration’. Hopefully, I can get them to turn it off.

    @mark, thanks. Yes, what I said is true. The issues never occurred until the host started changing things, so I’ll go back to the host again about the main login issue.

    Also, thank you for the information about the deregister warning and the php.ini file. I believe I can access both of those and fix them myself (which is probably safer than asking my host to do anything).

    It’s still generating it though: error_log

    This is the code in my wp-config.php:

    define(‘SCRIPT_DEBUG’, false);

    I deleted the error_log, and it’s instantly re-appeared and begun generating warnings.

    @mark, debug was set to false. I turned it on 10 minutes ago, got the file and then turned it off. I don’t actually know what is generating that error log.

    I also don’t know what my_deregister_styles’ is. The only thing I can think is that it’s coming from a plugin that dequeues font awesome?

    @mark. I’m asking for specific advice about resolving an issue with WordPress logins. I’m not sure if it is a server error or a WordPress one at this point. That’s what I’m trying to find out. Are you saying that it’s conclusively a server issue? That no amount of working with WordPress will fix it?

    All I know is that something is stopping WordPress login from working properly. My host appears to be clueless about it. Given the timing, it appears to be the host at fault here, but I have no proof of that. It could be an error, an update, a plugin… I really don’t know for sure. So I’m asking how I find out what the cause of the issue is. I need to at least remove WordPress from the possible causes before I can move forward.

    There are only two errors in the debug file, but a million instances of them. The error_log was 9MB, and it was just these repeated over and over again:

    [22-Mar-2016 15:10:52 UTC] PHP Warning: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, function ‘my_deregister_styles’ not found or invalid function name in /wp-includes/plugin.php on line 525

    [22-Mar-2016 14:49:19 UTC] PHP Warning: strpos(): Empty needle in /wp-includes/media.php on line 1088

    Thanks, Jesse. All I know from the host is what they told me. I have a VPS with WHM and cPanel, but since getting the VPS I’ve had nothing but problems, and the host doesn’t seem capable of fixing any of them.

    This is the last thing they told me they did:

    ‘I’ve now enabled keep alive on server and some caching code in apache configuration’

    It is a complex setup, but it was running smoothly until I upgraded to a VPS. Since then, it’s been an absolute nightmare. This site was supposed to be finished and launched 3 months ago. It’s been 3 months of chasing host-related errors that inevitably do nothing but make things worse.

    I’ll give debug another bash and post up the results. Thanks again.

    Also, is there anyone you can hire to fix this kind of thing? Because I’ve had enough of hosting BS to last me a lifetime.

    Sidenote. I won’t disable the plugins or the theme. The site has active users, and the content is behind a paywall for a reason. None of these issues were present in the dev site. It’s only happened since my host has had access to the files.

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