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    Deprecated message still appears. Is it fixed meanwhile in a version not submitted on and that needs to be requested here?

    Thanks for the efforts!

    You’re welcome, Michael.

    For me it’s the same, btw: if DOI is activated then a notification should be sent out only in case the subscription has been confirmed.

    After deactivation of the regular subscription notification as described above, you’d get a notification after DOI by this:

    add_action( 'newsletters_subscriber_activate', function( $subscriber, $mailinglists ){
    	wp_mail( '', 'Your Site's New Subscriber', 'New subscriber after double opt-in: ' . $subscriber->email );
    }, 10, 2);

    Best would be to put this into a mini plugin named like “Newsletters Extra”.

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    Bug collection:

    grep -r \(isset * | grep sanitize
    wp-mailinglist.php: $page = sanitize_text_field(isset($_GET[‘page’]));
    wp-mailinglist.php: $newsletters_method = sanitize_text_field(isset($_GET[‘newsletters_method’]));
    wp-mailinglist-plugin.php: $page = sanitize_text_field(isset($_GET[‘page’]));

    grep -r \(isset * | grep esc_html
    views/admin/head.php: $page = esc_html(isset($_GET[‘page’]));
    wp-mailinglist.php: $method = esc_html(isset($_GET[‘method’]));
    wp-mailinglist-plugin.php: $method = esc_html(isset($_GET[‘method’]));

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    I have a tip for your super stressed team (as you told me) because a not so stressed guy at Tribulant has “refactored” multiple occurences of this pattern:
    $var = sanitize_text_field( $_GET['some_key'] );
    and changed them to:
    $var = sanitize_text_field( isset( $_GET['some_key'] ) );

    Could you please teach him/her that this is a bad idea? A lot of misbehaviour was introduced by this after v4.6.19 and is at least present in v4.7.1.

    Both of the issues described in this topic will be solved by changing line 887 in file wp-mailinglist.php from:
    $newsletters_method = sanitize_text_field(isset($_GET['newsletters_method']));
    back to previous:
    $newsletters_method = sanitize_text_field( $_GET['newsletters_method'] );
    because $newsletters_method can otherwise never receive something else than a boolean value and the following “switch case” makes no sense any more.

    BTW: No need to prevent errors by missing GET vars because sanitize_text_field() returns an empty string in this case.


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    I don’t want to be bothersome. The opposite. I am interested in a working plugin. But what you deploy on, as said, is broken.

    See how advertises your plugin:

    • “Last updated: 1 year ago”
    • “This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress.”

    Those are NOT my warnings.

    Good luck with the strategy.

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    The link created by shortcode [newsletters_online] does not work anymore, maybe the same cause. Instead you’ll see the management screen if you click that link in emails which should lead you to the online version of an email.

    Also it seems that no message at all is displayed on the [newsletters_management] screen.

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    Thanks for counting in the issue.

    For me the SVN issues have obviously more priorities than for you. This is because the old version deployed via DOES NOT WORK ANYMORE! So what you deploy is a waste of time for new people trying to evaluate the plugin on one hand and on the other they will clearly never turn into your customers. Have you given up to attract more customers? What can make you so extremly busy that you push potential customers away? Not to forget: it raises even for existing customers a red flag seeing that you treat things like that.

    The best,

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    Thanks, this was quick!

    Who’s looking for the latest version with fixing the issue should have a look here:

    The plugin should really be deployed by, but Tribulant has SVN issues on as described above.

    Why don’t you provide a download link here so that we all are able to get out of the struggle and bringing the plugin back to work? What you suggest is like a paper chase …

    Edit: created the ticket and have to wait. So easy!

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    Solution for me – edit wp-mailinglist-plugin.php starting at line 9225.

    Override this:

    if (!is_object($phpmailer)) {
    	require_once(ABSPATH . WPINC . DS . 'class-phpmailer.php');
    	$phpmailer = new PHPMailer(true);

    with the follwing WP core code (see pluggable.php):

    // (Re)create it, if it's gone missing.
    if ( ! ( $phpmailer instanceof PHPMailer\PHPMailer\PHPMailer ) ) {
    	require_once ABSPATH . WPINC . '/PHPMailer/PHPMailer.php';
    	require_once ABSPATH . WPINC . '/PHPMailer/SMTP.php';
    	require_once ABSPATH . WPINC . '/PHPMailer/Exception.php';
    	$phpmailer = new PHPMailer\PHPMailer\PHPMailer( true );
    	$phpmailer::$validator = static function ( $email ) {
    		return (bool) is_email( $email );

    Hope, this helps.

    Newsletters Lite: using SMTP, after update from WP v4.6 to v5.5.1 sending is not possible anymore for me (just for a change: it’s about the version of the Tribulant plugin). Is there also a solution for the free Newsletters Lite on the horizon?

    This could maybe even be an opportunity to switch to the WP API and use wp_mail() instead of diving into inner workings of PHPMailer which are expected to change. The API allows dev’s to change outgoing mail in so many aspects – so a bit refactoring should reduce support requests (and hacking core for dev’s) as well.

    But for the first shot it could be amazing if the plugin would work again.

    Thanks so far!

    Had the same issue. Figured out, that in my case there is a conflict with Yoast. Deactivating Yoast solved the 500er server error.

    WPKube’s solution works with Yoast enabled. Maybe there should be some investigation on your or Yoast’s side. It’s a common combination of plugins.

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    There are general problems with all of the cookie notification solutions. AFAIK they all have these problems:

    1.) When JS is switched off, the “solution” disappears. There is always a JS dependency – kind of hardly to avoid.

    2.) Caching. If there is some logic dependent on the cookie not already set and set to not showing the notice then the recurring users will fill the cache with pages not showing the notice to even following users without a cookie set.

    These issues could be maybe avoided when the notice is implemented as a regular JS-independent part of the page, showing up either way. Then JS (if there is any) would test the cookie and would simply hide the notice. No JS then no hidden cookie – but better than NO cookie notice: for those who need to fulfill EU regulations.

    I personally prefer dropping the shebang all together and choose a relatively safe location for the site’s ownership – where no lawyers are get into the mood to want to reach out to me.

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