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  • Thank you for the ideas.

    I’ve tried all of your suggestions, without success.

    Since I host my own server, I suspect the issue is related to a back-end configuration problem that is not overtly documented, or that I’ve managed to overlook for quite a while now–some PHP configuration issue, or perhaps with my nginx web server.

    Interestingly, the update status page behaves as expected when browsing in IE 11, just not with Chrome nor Firefox.

    I have a related problem (although unrelated to WordPress) where digest protection of directories fails with Chrome and Firefox, but (as in this case) works with IE 11. So my workaround has been to do WordPress updates in IE, although I’d rather simply fix the problem!

    If any has anyone has insight into this I’d be much obliged.

    Oh, other symptoms: Live Previews on the Themes page don’t work (blank page) and links on the updates page (like “View version details” of the plugins don’t work, although I can access the page by right-clicking and opening in a new page.

    Again all this works in IE, just not Chrome nor Firefox.

    Thanks for any help on this!


    I would prefer you don’t go private on this conversation, but if you need to, please post the results of this investigation back to this thread.



    More clues:

    Specifically, the charts DO work when the following date filters are applied:

    Last 7 Days
    Last 60 Days
    Last 90 Days

    The charts fail when the following date selections are selected:

    This Year So Far

    The implementation must be different for each group, otherwise, date filter selections would either ALL work or all NOT work.

    These results are consistent for all charts on Overview, Visitors, Content pages.

    Traffic Sources chart doesn’t appear to work regardless.

    Hopefully, this clue is helpful.



    I’ve searched the SQLite Integration/WP SlimStat threads, but I could not find one that resolved the current issue. There was a time when they could work together well, and those threads were useful to achieve that state.

    If you come across the thread you believe is useful to the current predicament again, would you please let me know know?



    I’ve just had to disable WP SlimStat. The fixes you worked on which enabled both plugins to work together, have been undone by recent plugin updates. To be more specific, WP SlimStat tables populate normally, but the corresponding charts do not–the charts all show zero (0).

    Unfortunately, I’m not receiving any errors in the PHP nor nginx logs, so it’s difficault to know what’s gone wrong.

    I must keep SQLite Integration, because MySQL is too cumbersome (in resources), and SQLite does an amazing job. I’m very impressed!

    I realize problems like this are difficult to solve, and I appreciate your effort!


    Hi camu,

    I hadn’t considered that.

    Due to system resource constraints, I don’t use MySQL. Instead, I use SQLite. There was a time when WP SlimStat and SQLite Integration plugins worked together, but perhaps they’re no longer getting along with each other.

    Thank you for the reply,


    Hi camu,

    Thank you. I’ll check it out when you release it.



    Hi kjmtsh,

    I’ve only had a couple minutes to look at the results after employing your fix. You appear to have resolved most (if not all) functionality issues with WP SlimStat! When I return from work, I can provide additional details, if you’d like.

    Thank you again for working on this fix. I am grateful for all the time you’ve invested in working through this compatibility issue with WP SlimStat!



    Hi kjmtsh,

    Thank you for your effort. I followed your instructions and was able to install WP SlimStat without error.

    However, WP SlimStat does not function correctly, even with your modifications using the current version for SQLite Integration (and WP 3.9).

    I no longer receive the errors (like the ones I presented in my initial post (top of this page)), but WP SlimStat is only partially functional at best: it can see a user is logged in and charts on the “Overview,” “Content,” and “Vistors” tabs seem to work, but nothing is presented on the “Activity Log” tab nor the “World Map” tab. Data is missing/inconsistent on all tabs. I have a commercially-hosted blog, which uses MySQL, so I have the benefit of observing a functioning WP SlimStat install. Unfortunately, I’d still call WP SlimStat plugin broken with SQLite Integration.

    Again, thank you for spending your valuable time on this effort. I am very grateful.



    Thank you kjmtsh and camu! I am grateful for your sacrifice of time and diligence to develop great plugins.


    Hello rahul286,

    PHP 5.5.10
    WP 3.8.1
    Nginx Helper 1.8
    APCu 4.0.4
    SQLite Library
    SQLite Module 0.7-dev
    Nginx 1.4.6
    Arch Linux x86_64 3.13.6-1-ARCH

    Hopefully, this covers it!


    Hi Camu,

    I suspect your question is for kjmtsh, but if it’s for me, I can only send you the full list of error messages that I received while I was trying to get SlimStat to work. Of these issues, I only sent two to kjmysh.

    I really appreciate your following up on this. SlimStat is a wonderful plugin that I’d like to keep using!



    Thank you for your reply, kjmtsh.

    Unfortunately, the basic functionality of SlimStat does not work with SQLite. However, I would rather have SQLite than SlimStat!

    Your plugin is marvelous, and I’m glad to be able to use the lightweight SQLite with WP on my server.

    Thank you,



    When you post you code, use the “code” button (just above the text box where you’re typing).


    1. click the “code” button”
    2. Paste your code
    3. click the “code” button again

    Here’s an example:

    I am relatively new to WordPress so please forgive my lack of knowledge, but I am loving this theme.

    I have aligned my image to the right and would like to have my text wrap and also have a margin of 10px all the way around.

    I can’t send you a link to my website because I don’t know how to get it out of my host sight, but here is what I do have.
    <a href=""><img class="wp-image-19 alignright" alt="quill-and-ink1.jpg" src="" width="293" height="178" /></a>

    Does this make sense?


    Thank you for supporting your excellent plugin so well!


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