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  • sparky672


    I have WooCommerce 5.0.0 and also see this bug! I had to manually edit the database as described by SSVapes as it was the only way to clear out this persistent message.

    I should not have to edit db tables to get the nag to go away. Seriously… this was reported many versions ago and should be fixed.

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    It’s explained in the plugin documentation:

    Your blog is all jacked up. Click on “continue reading” button for each of the articles and they send you elsewhere.

    “continue reading” button on the “What Cerber Security Scanner scans and detects” goes to the “Manage multiple WP Cerber instances from one dashboard” article.

    “continue reading” button on the “Troubleshooting malware scanner issues” goes to the “WP Cerber Security 8.6” article.

    “continue reading” button on the “Automatic cleanup of malware and suspicious files” goes to the “WP Cerber Security 8.6” article.

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    Please be more specific; what is “my ACP”?


    ACP =>
    Admin Control Panel =>
    the screens where you administer and control your site =>
    the place where the Dashboard screen is located =>

    To update a theme or plugins automatically:

    ACP > Dashboard > Updates > click on each update

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    How do you update the theme?

    As stated in the original post, I do what most people do… automatic updates from within my ACP. There is no logical reason not to update this way.

    WooCommerce, Stripe Gateway, and WordPress all under the same company now, so when I get an official warning that something between these versions “hasn’t been tested” I take it seriously.

    The Stripe Payment Gateway extension is tested and working well with WooCommerce 4.0+ — a line in the plugin header has just not been updated to bump the tested version yet, which is causing that message to be displayed.

    That’s pretty cheesy.

    It’s been several weeks… isn’t it about time to just push out the updated header to eliminate any confusion?

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    I need to note that the transition style is not ours but it is just a slick.js parameter that we are passing from NextGen.

    What I think you are not understanding is that I am not doing anything special or reconfiguring the options outside of your normal defaults. I select my gallery and insert a “Basic Slideshow”. At this point, no matter which lightbox option I select, there is this issue. I have to select “Fade” on the slideshow transition in order to get around it.

    You can have a look at this article to see that there are lots of other reports concerning slick.js that’s cloning the slides if using a specific transition style in combination with the infinite scroll

    Why are you integrating slick.js into your product if it has these problems? Surely, there is something better you can use. At least take a little responsibility for the lackluster user experience.

    Instead of blaming others…

    1. Reconfigure your own GUI so a combination of incompatible options cannot be selected in the first place.
    2. DO NOT make these options part of the default settings.
    3. Or just integrate a better slider plugin – one without these bugs.

    Like I said, it wasn’t a big deal and I just wanted to report it… but getting to the bottom of this was really painful.

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    It appears that in your case slick slider creates clones for every slide and it may be somehow related with the “Transition Style” that you are using.

    Yes. That was it. I changed it to “Fade” and it’s working as expected now.

    So we found a bug, right? After all, Slick Slider is part of NGG and “Slide” is “the “Transition Style” that I am using” only because it is the default option!

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    find it strange that you are avoiding the normal procedure for debugging a potential conflict, which is to temporarily disable all the plugins and test only on a default

    It’s a live site presently getting a ton of traffic. What’s so strange about not wanting to disrupt this? Even 10 minutes could be a loss of of enough people to affect social media reach. One lost Facebook share within that 10 minutes could mean hundreds of people not reached.

    Secondly, it’s working. It’s not ideal having it loop twice and stop, but it’s serving its purpose. Therefore, not a priority for me to disrupt the site, even for 10 minutes.

    a. Another plugin (like JetPack galleries) is conflicting with NextGen and both are triggering lightbox;

    If I had another lightbox installed, I’d try using it instead. JetPack is not even installed here.

    b. Your video on that page is interacting with lightbox

    I had this problem before I embedded the Google video.

    c. Your memory allocation is loading two sets for the loop

    The lightbox is 100% JavaScript (client-side) code so not sure how server config could ever affect that.

    d. A JS / Ajax pagination error that is treating the images as pages, likely a result of another plugin.

    I don’t know what that means. If they weren’t being handled as images, the lightbox wouldn’t work, AFAIK?

    If I get a chance to look a the DOM, I’ll report back what I’m seeing, if anything.

    Thank you for the detailed response and suggestions.

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    That information will perhaps provide the id of the gallery that you are currently using, sort order, and if it is an outdated shortcode.

    I used the green ngg icon in my editor to automatically create/add the gallery. I did not write the shortcode by hand.

    Inspecting the editor HTML of that page shows this shortcode…

    [ngg src=”galleries” ids=”2″ display=”basic_slideshow”]

    I only have one gallery ID 2 and it contains 18 photos. See screenshot…

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    Both Basic Slideshow and the Lightboxes will display the images in loop mode so it won’t really stop when getting to the last image from the gallery but automatically switch to the first one. Hope that this explains the behavior.

    That’s absolutely false and I could have never known anything was amiss if that were true.

    Just go to the link I posted and bring up lightbox. There is an ending slide and a starting slide where you will not get an arrow and will not be able to “loop”. The entire photo collection is displayed twice within the lightbox when you hit the “last” slide. (slideshow has 18 photos and lightbox shows them all twice for a total of 36 before you cannot click any further)

    It’s not a major issue, but it’s definitely an issue and I think you two should take it more seriously; at least get your stories straight. Thank you.

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    Sorry… production site with high traffic. Would be easier for me to shut down NextGen since it’s only used on this one page than any of the other plugins.

    However, since this stuff is controlled by JavaScript, it would be easy for you to examine the DOM from the link I provided and work backwards from there.

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    ONE insertion. ALL lightbox options exhibit the same bug. I’ve since added more photos, but you can see it here.

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    Usually WordPress plugins leave their data and/or database tables behind after you remove the plugin. Can’t guarantee anything about what this one does…

    Will the developer, hello!, please chime in here and explain this to us? If people are fixing this issue by reinstalling the plugin, then there is obviously something wrong with the plugin that is corrected upon reinstallation and/or activation. This should be a huge clue to the developer that something is wrong and needs to be addressed.

    Meanwhile, I’m leaving my reCaptcha version 2 workaround in place.

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    Might be you had old v2 key configured.

    This is absolutely not the case. Had just set up the v3 keys a few weeks before this “response token is empty” issue started and it had been working. Failed without warning and the complaint is how this plugin does not tell you it’s a recaptcha issue without installing Flamingo. Even then, we still don’t know why this is happening. Isn’t the JavaScript generated by this plugin responsible for inserting the token into the hidden field? So why is the token empty?

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    It’s off-topic.

    But you brought it up. LOL. You said “stop using plugins that add malformed links to menus” as if you already know that is what’s happening. Asking you to explain this comment is perfectly reasonable.

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