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  • Any chance of some help on this one guys?

    Bump (sorry guys really need an answer before tomorrow…)

    Is this not a really standard requirement?

    sorry yeah it was hard to explain… products is a sub cat of shop, item 1, 2 and 3 are within the products sub cat, and featured, offer 1 and offer 2 are directly within the shop main cat…

    i’m sure theres a better way of portraying it but i couldn’t think of one :p

    right, MichaelH helped me in another thread about the category identification 🙂 – but i’m running into problems i think because of the Elevate Parent Category…

    what i am using is this:

    if (is_category()) {
    $cat = get_query_var('cat');
    if ($cat == 4) {
    echo $cat;
    query_posts($query_string . '&orderby=rand');

    it it does indeed randomise the posts, but it is still also randomising the posts in the sub sections (non category 4) – i added in echo $cat to confirm what i thought and even when im in a subsection, and the posts displayed are indeed the correct posts (albeit in a random order) the cat is still showing as “4”

    as far as i know the plugin i’m using is simply alowing sub categories of 4 to use the same skin (category-4.php) so it shouldn’t be affecting which category it thinks it is… should it?

    (could I just say MichaelH, you are being very helpful thanks very much :))

    that is great thanks 🙂 didn’t know you could do that! (well… obviously thats why i asked :))

    is there some code i could surround the query_posts bit with to make it check if its only on the top level (i.e. category 4) and not one of the sub-categories of category 4?

    the results of the sub sections i don’t want randomised you see 🙂

    oh… when i tried to reply to the last one is said sorry this thread is closed? is was an error message on a dark page with “bb” at the top…

    i’ll have a go at what you just recommended… – many thanks 🙂

    sorry I mean post but that still doesn’t work…

    when i’m on a category page, i want to check if its the category with id 5 thats all…

    so basically something that outside the loop will do this:

    if (the category is category 5) {

    once again worked a treat, hats off to you good sir 😉

    ahh great, that has done the job nicely 🙂

    now what i need to do next, and i have a feeling this wont be as easy as the first problem, is to make it so that when tags are clicked they also use that category-4 template…

    what i am doing is creating a portfolio, which you can filter by client (which is what i did above, the clients were in sub folders and used the parent categories template) but you can also filter by service (website, logo etc) which i have put into tags…

    so when a tag is clicked, i need the same effect as clicking a client only the structure is different…

    i couldn’t actually think of a much better way of doing this, but any help would be appreciated…

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)