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  • Hi,
    The sandbox is not for global alipay either. However, I haven’t actually use that for myself.I am only sure that you can’t test the website integration with that.

    Of course I’m interested in coding, that’s what I do. As I mentioned I am with a team, and if you are interested please do learn more about us at and maybe leave us a message about your websites.

    1. After login, the transaction records are right in front of you labeled as “交易记录”, you should be able to find some orange buttons that say “确认收货” or “等待发货”. The buttons in orange color indicate that you need to take some actions.

    2. I’m not sure of your business type, the direct payment requires you have a company registered in China. If you do have such an account, you need to apply for the direct payment service in your alipay account. If it gets approved, you can use this method. The ILLEGAL_PARTNER_EXTRAFACE error means you are trying to use a service that is not enabled for you.

    3. Sadly there is no sandbox account for in China, well most Chinese companies just don’t provide such useful features for the Chinese. The sandbox you mentioned is not for such cases. But if you use alipay’s service for people from other countries(, you do get a sandbox but that’s another story. Because you need to register a new account for that and use a paid plugin called Alipay Cross Border Payment Gateway which has nothing to do with me. For testing, the best way for now is to pay 0.01 RMB.

    BTW, I’m the author of the alipay for woocommerce plugin. Just use the team account to publish it.

    Hi, are you using escrow payment method? If yes then has your friend released the money to you from his/her alipay account?

    The way of alipay dealing with payment is quite different from payment methods like paypal.

    When your friend placed an order and made the payment on your store, the money didn’t go to your account, instead it was sent to Alipay and supervised by Alipay.

    Your friend must go to his/her alipay account and confirms that the order is received. Then the money can be released to you, then you can actually see the 1.99 RMB in your account.

    For now you should be able to find the transition record in your alipay account, although the money is still held by Alipay.

    I’m sorry but alipay’s process is really difficult for foreigners to understand. I once explained it to one of my client with several emails and illustrators and he took days to know what really happened.

    I got this issue today with WordPress 4.1, and I solved it by going to “BWP reCAPT->General options”.
    At the bottom of the page find section “Contact Form 7 Integration”, from the dropdown menu select the Use “recaptcha” shortcode tag option.

    I don’t recommend elegant builder, not because of its price but the way it works is out of date.

    You should try Visual Composer which is more modern, easier to use and much promising.



    Just ignore the alert, nothing will be lost. Since the author doesn’t update this plugin anymore, I guess you can either live with it or switch to another editor.

    The new update fixed the problem. Love this plugin!

    Same here, every search generates a sql error loged in error_log, no search results.


    Is this plugin compatible with cache plugins like wp super cache?

    Hi, please paste it into footer.php, right before the end of body tag.
    The code only works for gallery generated by nextgen gallery plugin. And also make sure jquery is loaded.
    It is a long time from when I posted the code, I’m not quite sure if it still works.

    @ewdrobert, thanks for sharing the useful information. I didn’t notice the recent Google’s algorithm update.

    @ewdrobert, I didn’t use this plugin months ago. My solution did stopped those abnormal keywords, but I thought well maybe I should spend more time concerning about writing instead of those SEO tricks. So I uninstalled this plugin, my traffic is not much but I didn’t notice any significant decline as well.

    The code I provided earlier was found a bug, it does not work when there are more than one product in the cart. So here is an updated version. It takes care the condition of multiple products and converts shipping cost.

    add_filter('woocommerce_paypal_args', 'convert_rmb_to_usd');
    function convert_rmb_to_usd($paypal_args){
        if ( $paypal_args['currency_code'] == 'RMB'){
            $convert_rate = 6.2116; //Set converting rate
            $count = 1;
            while( isset($paypal_args['amount_' . $count]) ){
                $paypal_args['amount_' . $count] = round( $paypal_args['amount_' . $count] / $convert_rate, 2);
        return $paypal_args;

    I think you can try something like this, put it in your theme’s functions.php

    add_filter(‘woocommerce_paypal_args’, ‘convert_rmb_to_hkd’);
    function convert_rmb_to_hkd($paypal_args){
    if ( $paypal_args[‘currency_code’] == ‘RMB’){
    $convert_rate = 0.8; //set the converting rate
    $paypal_args[‘currency_code’] = ‘HKD’; //change RMB to HKD
    $paypal_args[‘amount_1’] = round( $paypal_args[‘amount_1’] / $convert_rate, 2);
    return $paypal_args;

    @own3mall Hey, I think what you mentioned are dealing with how to create ckeditor plugins or add a plugin in the ckeditor way. But to add buttons to CKEditor For WordPress plugin’s toolbar, you need to use the WordPress way.

    There are two filters you can use to load your custom ckeditor plugin and button.
    ckeditor_external_plugins – load custom plugins
    ckeditor_buttons – load custom buttons

    Use them together you can add your plugin, here is an example. But beware that this only adds buttons to the editor in back end. It can’t change anything for comment area editor. To modify the comment editor, it’s better to use ckeditor.config.js in my opinion.

    add_action('init', 'custom_ckeditor_interface');
    function custom_ckeditor_interface(){
    	add_filter( 'ckeditor_external_plugins', 'register_custom_ckeditor_plugins' );
    	add_filter( 'ckeditor_buttons', 'register_custom_ckeditor_buttons' );
    //Load external ckeditor plugins
    function register_custom_ckeditor_plugins( $plugins ){
    	$plugins['your_plugin_name_1'] = 'your_plugin_uri_1';
    	$plugins['your_plugin_name_2'] = 'your_plugin_uri_2';
    	return $plugins;
    //Add more buttons
    function register_custom_ckeditor_buttons( $buttons ){
    	$buttons[] = array('button_1');
    	$buttons[] = array('button_2');
    	return $buttons;

    The plugin name and button name are defined in your ckeditor plugin scripts(eg. plugin.js)

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