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  • I’m also getting really long page loads since I upgraded to 2.6.2. The URL is

    I’d appreciate any hints or advice


    I found out what th eproblem was over on the SMF forum, if anyone is interested do the following in /Sources/Security.php in your SMF installation:

    The problem is, function is_admin() exists in both WP and SMF. It was added for compatibility reasons and has been completely removed in 2.0. So you can safely remove it from SMF.

    Find and remove:

    // Grudge chickens out and puts this in for combatibility. This will be ripped out on day one for SMF 1.2 though 😉

    function is_admin()

    I would agree with 4k, and say that it is probably a missed out div tag.

    I had the self same problem on my site and that is what it turned out to be.

    Hope you get it fixed as it looks very nice


    Thank you for that

    I’m still a bit lost as I get an undefined call to function error.

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: posts() in /home/sites/public_html/wp-content/themes/wpremix/tpl_Home1.php on line 29

    I’m using WP2.5.1, and have spent hours reading the docs but its a bit above me to be honest.

    I’d appreciate a simple fix but I’m sure its not that easy

    Thanks in advance

    I need to display a random post from a particular category on a page not in the loop, is this possible?

    Can you point me in the right direction please

    The page is in the theme root and is basically a static (home)page with a latest posts item which works fine, what I need to do is have a random post appear from a particular category (i.e. a random testimonial exerpt)

    Thanks in advance

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)