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  • Hey @jnashhawkins. I think you helped out on my last issue too (multisite single sign-on problems). Honestly I’d like to take this whole multisite network and chuck it out the window… figuratively of course.

    I definitely reported the wrong WP version, it’s actually 5.1.4, NOT 5.4.1 (ha). I’ve been instructed not to update that at this time for fear of what else may go wrong, especially because these are all live sites for our “biggest” customer and the last several months have been bumpy. Same with PHP, I’d love to upgrade but that won’t be possible for a while.

    Interesting point about the network plugin activation as opposed to site-by-site, I hadn’t thought of that. Come Monday I’ll try what you said and report back.

    I did exactly the same thing — network activate, set settings on subsite and it does not work.
    Is there any chance of working this out?

    Thanks @kalico for clarifying, that makes more sense now. Yes the network as a whole is installed in a subdirectory so I guess that’s not a problem.

    Just as an update to this issue, we (the server admin and I) did finally solve this. The server admin did something to change the way cookies are processed…. not entirely sure what it was but the sites are functional now. We have to suck it up as far as logging into every site individually, but that’s not so bad.

    We are now working on a plan to plow through all these networks (there are 6 I believe) and distribute the clunkier ones to their own servers. I’m probably looking at about 6 months until we get through it and it is all healthy, but hey, good for my pocketbook. $$ Thanks everyone.

    Same thing here as @jbaptiste above — it won’t work on my multisite install. If I activate it on one subsite in the network (and it doesn’t have to be the main site), it works and in the dashboard it shows spam attempts being blocked. As soon as I activate it on a second subsite, they both start showing “No data available.”

    Antispam Bee v. 2.9.1
    WP v. 5.1.1

    Thank you for the extra info, @bcworkz and @jnashhawkins. Not the resolution I hoped for but all good information to know.

    @bcworkz, Ugh, the repeated login thing is not great news. However, my boss has been leaning towards breaking these all out as individual sites sometime down the line, in which case we’d be logging into them all separately anyway. But in your next paragraph, you implied that if I went to a subdirectory install, this might all work without the extra logging in. Am I understanding you correctly there? If that’s the case, I might be able to pull that off.

    @jnashhawkins, sorry for disturbing your nap haha — believe me, it doesn’t help my sleep much either! I’ve done a lot of cleanup and managed to get it down to 111 plugins so far, and removed several themes as well (still have 55 of those). The network is on AWS, not my own hosting, and frankly the server sucks. It hasn’t been maintained as far as updates, has many issues (the symlinks alone, OMG) and reboots itself anywhere from 6-12 times a day. Oh and did I mention, there are at least 2 or 3 other multisite networks on here that I haven’t even delved into yet? I’m trying to whip everything into shape but holy cow is this a mess. I definitely like your idea of changing up servers and as I understand it we are looking to upgrade soon.

    Well that’s a bummer. I’ll ask and let you know.

    Hi Jan,
    Appreciate your reply, the site is here. Also I’m sorry, but it is very definitely spyware, which falls under the general umbrella of malware, doesn’t it? This is what the American dictionary says of spyware:

    spyware (spīˈwârˌ)►
    n. Software that secretly gathers information about a person or organization. (Check!)
    n. Any malicious software that is designed to take partial or full control of a computer’s operation without the knowledge of its user. (Check! — in that it can’t be removed or stopped)

    I think I may not have been quite clear. The ShareThis plugin installed non-removable VISUAL elements on my page and in my code — see screenshots below. When I say non-removable I mean they persist after so-called uninstall, and that is definitely NOT okay. This is doubly true in this case, where it was not disclosed that elements and code would be permanent even after “uninstall” — that’s ridiculous.

    I’m trying to make someone higher up aware of this thing because there’s no way this should be allowed in the official WP plugins directory. I could understand if it were a plugin I had downloaded from a third-party website, but I got this right here on and that is so wrong.

    Visual elements still on page
    Code still in page source
    Active tracker
    Plugin not installed

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    No, sorry to say I have not been able to resolve it! Glad you had some luck with a workaround. I’ll have to try that.

    Hi Brandon, no it seems it doesn’t completely go away… I’m having this problem too. See screenshot and please explain. This code doesn’t belong on my site as the plugin has been deactivated & uninstalled.


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    I was referring to personal privacy, not data security.

    You are absolutely right about the WP version. This site was a freebie done for a friend who was having difficulty with his site a few years ago. We all know how that goes…. I hate to admit it but when you’re not getting paid for upgrades and their accompanying headaches, it’s easy to leave them on the back burner. I bit the bullet this weekend and upgraded him to 4.4.1 (with surprisingly few headaches actually, lesson learned).
    As for the link, I’m happy to send one but I try not to post public links to my sites when I can help it, for privacy reasons.
    Besides upgrading, I also activated Akismet and installed a plugin called WP-SpamShield which is supposed to stop form spam.

    I still don’t know what happened or why, but for the moment it seems to be working again.

    Here are the admin screenshots:



    Slides Settings

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