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    Hello! My “easingsliderlite-viewport” have padding with “,” instad of “.” so value becomes wrong. Dunno why. Here:
    $viewport_height = ( 100 * ( $s->dimensions->height / $s->dimensions->width ) );
    Outcome – is a padding value of “56,140350877193%”. This “comma” comes after WP update, and I bet it is a localization sh%t. I’m using Russian. Stay tuned…

    Yep! Found it in translation file ru_RU.po of new WordPress:
    #: wp-includes/locale.php:177
    msgid “number_format_decimal_point”
    msgstr “,”

    So it is an very interesting issue. If it will be possible for you, can you add some override of this? I don’t think that WP support team will change anything because in Russia – we are really using comma in decimals…. sometimes.

    Tnx Man! Anyway you have done a great job with this Slider, and i really like it!

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)