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  • Ok, now I’ve check it with your form again. now it works. Thank you. 🙂

    But when I go to the card or to the cashier, the price will stay there normal again! It’s only the price who is showing from the products… I don’t know why.

    Here the link to the video how I go and what’s the problem:

    Password: PROBLEMVIDEO

    INFORMATION: Right now, I have set the plugin back to a old version because we don’t can set the shop offline. We had it offline for some days and we can’t do it more. THE PROBLEM ist, that when we have here a price from 9,10 € and when I use the new version of your add-on plugin, the price will go to 52,20 (after checking one or more Add-Ons!) So I don’t know what’s happen. The Theme-Support has check everything, my foster has check everything.. we all have find out, that’s your plugin that makes the problem. But I don’t know why.. So maybe you need to fix this problem and update the plugin. I don’t know what you have change between the last version and the newest version but something makes this problem.

    If you like, I can send u login-datas after the weekend and you can update the plugin and something else to see self what go’s on when everything is updated. But for that I need your E-Mail Adresse, because I don’t like to give private login-data so open.

    I have check it again. EVERYTHING IS “FIXED” so it’s not the problem from me. It is your plugin.. sorry but yes. But I don’t know, why. If you want, we can get in contact private and I give you a login to the site, that you can check the problems.

    Right now we have roll it back with a plugin to a older version to fix the problem. And we don’t have update WordPress now again. We had it first, then we get the problems every time again so we set it back because we need the website everyday for delivery orders and something like that.

    Are u kidding me?! You see that I have the product add-ons from you!? Why you say I need to update?! You see, I have a problem! your plugin made the problem! So !!!please!!! fix it! You have made this problem because u don’t have update your plugin to the new wp 5.1! And it’s not the first time that we have problems with your plugin! Please check your plugin and help us! THANK YOU!

    it’s only your plugin what makes this problem! with wp 5.0.3 and 5.1 !!! PLEASE HELP ME ! PLEASE REPEAR YOUR PLUGIN! IT COST US A LOT OF MONEY!!! HERE THE LINK TO A SCREENSHOT!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)