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  • I’ve seen that page but am still unsure how to go about changing it for the form (I’m less concerned with the email format).

    The plugin must use an older version of jQuery, so when I enqueued the latest version, .live() no longer worked. In wcbulkorder_acsearch.js, I had to change .live() to .on() to get rid of the error.

    Could this please be addressed in future versions of the plugin so I don’t have to make changes to the plugin files?

    It’s conflicting with jQuery, which I’ve linked to using an enqueue script in functions.php. I just switched from linking to Google’s CDN in my header to the enqueue method in order to prevent conflicts, but it looks like I’m still having one here.

    What can I do to resolve this?

    My enqueue script:

    //Replace the default WordPress jQuery script with Google Libraries jQuery script
    function modify_jquery() {
        if (!is_admin()) {
            wp_register_script('jquery', '', false, '1.11.2');
    add_action('init', 'modify_jquery');

    From the console: “Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function” in wcbulkorder_acsearch.js line 107.

    I’d also be interested in this. Anyone know if it’s possible?

    Oops, yes. It was caching. Thanks 🙂

    One last thing… I just switched to the shortcode on my live site and it is working everywhere except for one page. I have a few different sidebars that I use, and one of them is not playing nicely with the shortcode even though it uses the exact same gallery ID (and other widgets) as my other sidebars.

    See it here. Beneath my quote widget, I see <div class="textwidget"></div>, but there is no content in it.

    Any ideas?

    Hi Cais,
    That parameter did the trick.

    The link I shared is still only using the widget, not the shortcode, so I was just showing that even though there are 24 images in that gallery, because I have 12 thumbnails, only 12 images from the gallery appear in the lightbox view. Since the ajax pagination is working, I’m happy leaving it as it is.

    Thanks for your help!

    Hi Cais,
    My shortcode now looks like:
    [ngg_images gallery_ids=3 display_type=photocrati-nextgen_basic_thumbnails images_per_page=12 show_all_in_lightbox=true ajax_pagination=true]

    But the ajax pagination is not working. Have I messed it up?

    Regarding my second idea, say I have 24 images in my gallery but I only want 12 thumbnails to show. When I click on a thumbnail, I want to be able to scroll through all 24 images in the gallery. As it is now, when I click on a thumbnail, I can only scroll through the 12 images that have the thumbnails, not all 24 (see it in my sidebar here). Does that make more sense?

    Hi Cais,
    Thanks! It’s 90% there with that.

    Is there no way to do it without reloading the whole page (a bit like how it’s done in this theme)? With this shortcode you’ve provided, after clicking the link to the next page, the page reloads and goes to the top of the page, even if the gallery is at the bottom of the page. The user would need to scroll back down to where they were, which isn’t a great user experience. I would really like to eliminate the page reload altogether, however.

    Alternatively, it would even be a step up from where I am with just the widget if when a thumbnail is clicked, it goes allows the user to view the full gallery instead of just the full versions of the nine thumbnails on the page.

    Is there a way to have either of these?

    Hi there, it looks like you need to put that CSS in the media query section of your stylesheet, like so:

    @media (max-width: 992px) {
    .stickyheader #kad-banner #logo a img {
      max-height: 100px;

    You might want to try using percentages instead of pixel dimensions though so it’s more fluid.

    If you’re using a child theme (which is generally recommended) or have a space to put in custom CSS, then you shouldn’t need the !important because it should take precedence over the styles in the theme’s original stylesheet.

    Sorry, I can’t remember what I did to fix this at all! I took a quick look at my code and it doesn’t look like I’m hiding anything with CSS. My belief is that I either modified the PHP template or it was a setting issue, most likely the former. I can take a quick look if you share your link.

    asparrow, you will mostly find this code or code like this in your header file (which can be accessed either through FTP or possibly in Appearance > Editor, depending on your set-up).

    HYLMN, when you include code in your post, make sure to put it in between backticks (see the little note below the textarea for what I mean).

    In terms of your problem, I’m pretty new to PHP and know just enough to get by using WordPress, so I apologise if this doesn’t work! I believe what you need to do is change the line that says 'menu' => '', to 'menu' => 'Name-of-Menu',, where Name-of-Menu is the “Menu Name” that is in the text field in the Appearance > Menus page of your admin area.

    It was 99% the same code. I found the 1%.

    The site that worked used:
    <?php wp_nav_menu( array('menu' => 'Main Menu' )); ?>

    The site that didn’t work used:
    <?php wp_nav_menu( array('menu' => 'Primary Menu' )); ?>

    “Main Menu” is what I have in the Menu Name field in Appearance > Menus, and “Primary Menu” is the theme location of the menu. In the older version of WP (still active on my live site so I just verified this), using the theme location in the function worked fine. In WP 4.0, it looks like only the Menu Name works in the function. Since it couldn’t find a menu called “Primary Menu,” it chose the first menu in my list alphabetically.

    Happily resolved! Thanks for the guidance 🙂

    But since it is outputting the wrong menu (as you can see from my second link above), I’m pretty sure it’s a PHP problem.

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