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  • I’m also having this issue with WordPress 4.9

    I also have no updated because there is no changelog.

    Thanks for the diff summary pjv

    Thanks @stuart O’Brien. The above solution worked for me. Too bad it requires modifying the plugin files. Hopefully these permissions will be customizable or reduced in the future.

    Thanks for the suggestion, but I tried that.

    When I check the “Users must be registered and logged in to comment ” box on the Discussion Settings page, the comment fields are replaced with the text “You must be logged in to post a comment.”. But the “Sign in with Twitter/Facebook” buttons disappear as well.

    I want users to be able to use the Facebook/Twitter single sign on.

    This specific question is resolved.


    Thanks for the tip. I think I solved my problem. Maybe this is something you want to include in the trunk of this project as an option to turn on and off as users wish?

    Basically I decided to use a static private array member of the DFADS class.

    Each time an ad result is returned by the query, I grab its ID and put that in the array. When I perform the query I check and make sure the IDs of the results I’m pulling back are not in the array’s values.

    This works great for guaranteeing that no ad is displayed more than once on a page.

    Class DFADS() {
        private static $excluded_ads = array();
        function get_ads( $args ) {
            // Get ads.
            $ads = $this->query();
            foreach ($ads as $ad) {
                self::$excluded_ads[] = $ad->ID;
        function query() {
            $exclude_ads = $this->sql_get_excluded_ads();
            // SQL WHERE clause construction
            AND (
                    p.ID NOT IN ($exclude_ads)
        function sql_get_excluded_ads() {
            if (empty(self::$excluded_ads)){
                return '-1';
            } else {
                return implode(',',self::$excluded_ads);

    And that’s it basically. I’m also looking into adding functionality that would restrict a single advertiser’s ads from taking a majority of the ad spots if there are multiple advertisers and they should be sharing the available space.

    I believe this will do the trick

    But you will also need the Contact Form 7 plugin.

    I just updated to 2.1 and the problems are gone. I can see all the images in the dashboard under “Manage Slides” and the changes I make to the titles & captions show up in the slideshows on the site.

    Thanks so much for fixing this bug.

    If I remember correctly you mentioned it might have been caused by installing the old satellite plugin and then installing the new one over top of it?

    In any case, works like a charm now. I love the ajax loading of the slides that you added. Fantastic plugin.

    Cool. Glad this helped someone.

    Thanks Curtiss – I made these changes and they’re doing exactly what I wanted.

    I wonder why the title & alt attributes were switched around in the code.

    Nope. While I do have a dev site and environment, this was not the case for the install and use of this plugin. I installed it using the dashboard plugin installer, imported my slides through the plugin’s uploader and this is all taking place on the production site.

    Ok. I’ll take a look and let you know what I find.

    Apply – no. Order Slides – yes.
    When I click Order Slides it takes me to the screen where I can change the order and I do see a full list of thumbnails and I am able to change the order.
    When I then click “← Back to Slides” I am returned to a screen without any visible slides.

    I have 1 gallery at the moment.
    If I click “Manage Slides” without any “single” no images appear.
    I tried
    and still no images appear.

    Again, I have 50+ images in a gallery. They display on the post using the shortcode
    [satellite gallery=1 auto=on caption=off thumbs=on]

    Also noticing that when I click “Manage Slides”, the slide-out submenus in the Dashboard menu list no longer appear.

    This problem existed when I was testing with a gallery of only 2 images as well.

    Here is the html that appears in the <div class=”wrap”>

    <div class="wrap">
        <h2>Manage Slides <a class="button add-new-h2" rel="" href="/wp-admin/admin.php?page=satellite-slides&method=save&single=" target="_self" title="">Add New</a></h2>
    		<form id="posts-filter" action="/wp-admin/admin.php?page=satellite-slides" method="post">
    			<ul class="subsubsub">
    				<li>56 slides</li>
                    <div class="alignright">
                        <form action="/wp-admin/admin.php?page=satellite-slides&method=single" method="POST">
                            <select name="section">
                                <option value="All">All</option>
                                                                                                                <option value="1">Gallery 1: 20130226-WinterWarmer</option>
                            <input type="submit" name="View" value="View">
                    <span class="alignright" style="padding-top:5px">View Only : </span>
    			<form onsubmit="if (!confirm('Are you sure you wish to execute this action on the selected slides?')) { return false; }" action="/wp-admin/admin.php?page=satellite-slides&method=mass&single=" method="post">
    			<div class="tablenav">
    				<div class="alignleft actions">
    					<a href="/wp-admin/admin.php?page=satellite-slides&method=order&single=" title="Order all your slides" class="button clearfix alignright" style="margin-left:7px;">Order Slides</a>
    					<select name="action" class="action alignleft">
    						<option value="">- Bulk Actions -</option>
    						<option value="delete">Delete</option>
    						<option value="resize">Resize</option>

    I have 56 slides in a gallery. Slides also don’t show up for me in the dashboard/administration side and they do show up on the post page.

    When I try to change the url by swapping out
    /admin.php?page=satellite-slides with /admin.php?page=satellite-slides&single=3 I get red text below “Manage Slides” that reads No slides found

    So basically I am unable to edit the titles of slides or anything specific to individual slides but I can add slides to galleries and even reorder them.

    There is also no way for me to remove slides except by deleting them from the filesystem.

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