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  • Evening Nenad, Thank you for responding
    I tried your suggested solution, but unfortunately it didn’t work except for the SHOP page in woocommerce – changed the page direction but texts still starting from left!

    Single product page, still has the same issue ( the LTR direction ).

    If there’s any other ideas it would be great, otherwise i’ll have to wait for plugin next update.

    Thank you again 🙂

    Thank you @timwhitlock for the quick answer, and sorry for the late one ‘mine’ 🙁 .
    Thank you again.

    Evening @ultimatemembersupport
    Thank you for your reply/help,
    Yes, updating the plugin to the latest version fixed the error.

    Here’s what i did to get it work: ( in case anyone encounter the same issue )
    #Uninstall the old version of the plugin. (completely – including data/pages)
    #Manually removed the plugin orphan tables in DB. * starts with um_
    #Disabled CDN service temporarily.
    #Disabled cache plugin ( Clear cache first ).
    #Cleared browser’s cookies/data – or just use it with the incognito mode.
    #Installed the latest version, Set options, re-activated other plugins/services one by one.
    #Everything works perfectly. 🙂

    ** Not all steps mentioned above is A MUST! I just did it all as a part of conflict test, to avoid any future frustrating errors.

    Hello again Amin, you’re definitely right, found it and it worked perfectly! 🙂
    Review edited to 5*.

    Ps: would you please add an field within the attributes options, in case we decided to use the brand logo instead of text?
    Thank you.

    Well, Generally this is supposed to be my OWN REVIEW (Not some sort of discussion topics), which basically means you’re not invited to participate and your opinion is totally NOT needed !
    Unless you’re presenting the plugin authors as their Fancy lawyer! this would be a whole different story then!

    However! i’ll try to act like i’m writing this reply to an #adultو Who has an extensive experience in web development and programming! so let me ask you this!

    How would you deal with this type of product images? which comes with very vary sizes and without blank, transparent, or white background! And there’s no way to crop it or using some sort of auto resizing plugins to edit it!

    take a look here : ex1 ex2

    PS: We’re already running a similar store with another platform which has +600 daily images uploads, with manual review & approve! but unlike this one which gonna be a wholesales fashion store, and this is the type of products image the vendors would provide for their goods !

    And like any other starter business, you’d better lower your expenses as much as you can ( which means fewer employees/monthly costs) till you make sure that you’re on the right track !

    Anyway, guess i have said enough, more things has been declared !
    Hope that Automattic team will consider our biggest issue (and we’re many) within their upcoming updates, and allow us to choose when to pay for a service/plugin/ or extensions, Not forcing us !

    There’re people/businesses depending on them!

    Thank you!

    Hello Tim, And thank you for your quick response ..
    Unfortunately, i’m not the plugin author and the language files are merged both Back,Frond-End

    So i have to go with it all!
    However i have a different question if it possible!

    Now i’m working on a BETA Website for testing purposes only, And as mentioned above this including translating some plugins

    So, if i intended to move to the main one (website), how could i export/import all language files stored on the beta one? ( Used Loco plugin for translating )

    Any help will be highly appreciated,
    Thank you.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)