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  • Hi Oguz (@wpmudev-support8),
    I am suffering the same issue hsianglin21 (@hsianglin21) described some 2 weeks ago.
    Everything looks well, plugin installed smoothly, could create my first custom sidebar…
    Then any attempt to set locations or edit the recent new sidebar ends up in epic hang.

    I have followed the usual procedure as you mention for replicating the problem, which I was suspecting already because my theme has a custom widget areas maintenance.
    Think I got the conflict:
    – Plugin deactivation: all but yours, still hangs all
    – Theme switch (regular Twenty Seventeen): that solved the problem.

    Therefore, best conclussion is that those themes with self-capacity for custom widgets may conflict with your plugin.
    My particular case is the splendid and multipurpose Enfold Theme.
    I hope you can figure out how to make these 2 widget customizers live together 🙂

    I have done all this in my test sites and, but I plan to roll this out on my pro site asap, dumping from .eu testsite.

    I will happily help you with the testing.

    Thanks for your efforts!
    Ricard Menor [RDF]



    Dear all,
    It happened to my install at, again got a “Not Found” when trying to reach the wp-admin login page.
    – WP 3.8.1
    – W3TC present

    I have gone through a very simple process based in Master-Fight method, deleting .htaccess; instead of deleting it I just “deactivated” it by adding a “1” behind its name, then tried to log in, it worked, then rename .htaccess back to its proper name.
    Thanks for the idea, hope this can help other users.

    Thanks all, you helped me as well 😉
    Right DEFINE is like this: define('UPLOADS', 'whatever');
    otherwise you will have double slashes in your paths.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)