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  • Genius Kevin! Absolute genius!

    I saw the results on your page results for the example above (7 Predictions etc).

    Well done! And thanks a million for sharing this! :O)


    p.s. I do believe this query and thread is now well and truly “RESOLVED” ;o)

    Kevin – hi.

    I’ll be brutally honest here – I haven’t had the time to try anything as yet. It got a bit hectic in the “offline” world recently….lol… but I’ll be experimenting with this soon! ;O)


    Wonderful answer. Well explained. Thank you very much.

    I shall go and try out your recommendations.




    I’ll give it a go and let you know….
    …. but…. although this will put my blog name on my home page but just the page title everywhere else….. will this also change the SERPs results and remove the blog name from the title of the search results?

    And finally, (as I’m no expert with coding etc!) – I didn’t really want to change the way the blog looks, i.e. I didn’t want to remove the blog name from the individual blogs posts when you view the blog post in the browser – I just wanted to remove the blog name from the SERPs results.

    Is there any way of just doing that as opposed to removing the blog name from the blog post?

    And thanks again for all your help here! :O)



    Thanks for the speedy reply! 🙂

    Okay – in my header.php I have this:

    <title><?php bloginfo(‘name’); ?><?php wp_title(); ?></title>

    If I remove this bit:<?php bloginfo(‘name’); ?> – will that do it, and will it have any effect on anything else?




    It seems to have just amended itself? It could have been to do with logging in/out or maybe caching, or maybe caching in Firefox.

    Well – whatever has happened… it’s happened for the good! :O)

    Resolved – all my own work


    Yup. Same issue – not able to upload images without Firefox crashing.

    Disabled Gears…. problem solved.

    So – what’s it all about then?

    Forum: Plugins
    In reply to: Video Blogging By Phone

    Really? No-one can do this???

    Okay – I’ll leave it. I’ll wait to see what DreamHost comes back with.

    Time to watch some “footie” I think. See who England will play against in the Quarter Finals – Holland or Portugal? 🙂

    Thanks again for your help.


    Okay – back in the saddle again(!) – I contacted DreamHost earlier on today, but I am still awaiting a reply.

    I’ve looked at the “permissions” for the sidebar.php file and of the three categories, (Owner, Group and Everyone), both Group and Everyone has “read” and “write” permissions.

    The chmod value is set to 644.

    Does that help at all?


    Well – I’ve just given up. Sidebar widgets just will not work with me.

    The best I can get to is having all the blocks in the column on the left hand side to be selected…. I drag and drop the individual blocks into the left and right sidebars. I click “save changes”. I go to look at my blog – the changes haven’t occured. I go back to the Manage Sidebar tab – and everything is set back to the default again. (Or I go back to the “Sidebar Widgets” tab before I look at the new blog – and the everything has set back to it’s “default settings”).

    Disappointed of Essex, England

    Hmmmmm….. and it’s troubling me as well! 🙂

    I think I’ll go with a bit of trial and error tactics and remove all widgets and start to re-install one by one to see what happens.

    I don’t suppose there’s any issues with the length of default time in the wp_cache widgert being 3600 seconds, even if I did disable it whilst making changes?

    And there’s no issues with having Zone Alarm, (I know – I’m grasping at straws here!), installed on my pc – or having issues with any pc preferences of any kind?

    Finally – I host with DreamHost. Any know of any WP issues and them? I use their “One-click” software install feature which loads WP for me into the right place for my server files, then you just go through the normal WP admin set up etc etc.

    Thanks again Yosemite and Otto42, (and anyone who happens by here!), for all your help and knowledge.


    Thanks again for your help on this chaps.

    As all the server info stuff is something to do with the host, (and because I don’t know any different), I’d say it was a Windows based server. (Do I need to check?)

    Below is a list, (which will probably look all funky and out of line when I post it!), of the ALL the other plug-ins I have and whether they are activated or not, i.e. if it says “active” in the Action column, that means it hasn’t been activated yet.

    Plugin Version Action
    Akismet 1.15 Activate
    Adsense-Deluxe 0.7 Deactivate
    Hello Dolly 1.5 Activate
    wp-cache 2.0.17 Deactivate
    WP-Autoblog 1.0 Activate
    WP Database Backup 1.7 Deactivate
    Google Search widget 1.0 Activate widget 1.0 Activate
    Sidebar Widgets 1.0 Deactivate

    Thanks again for your help on this. I know nothing of .php and the workings of WP, but I really do appreciate the time and effort you guys spend in these forums helping out schmucks like me! :O)


    Okay – thanks peeps for the help.

    Did all that you said. (The scriptulous directory was intially in weidgets directory – as per the “read me” file in the widgets folder). Moved the scriptulous directory to the wp-includes/js/scriptaculous directory.

    Deleted wp-content/plugins/widgets/widgets.php and re-uploaded it.

    Now, the sidebar widget plugin is there as an option in the “presentation” tab. However – the icons to the right of some of the blocks, (enabling to give them titles etc), have now all disappeared.

    I am able to drag and drop the blocks, but do not want to go down that route as yet, in case the “missing icons” issue may also cause further problems.


    No – I just drag an drop the blocks into the sidebars, then save.

    I go and look at the website – nothing has changed. I go back to the sidebar widget page, and everything is back to the default settings.

    (Thanks for biting!)

    Using the TIGRA theme
    Up-to-date version of WP – 2.03 is it?
    Admin themes? No, I don’t think so


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