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  • @katerila Hey, i think in this case its important that you put the define(‘AUTOSAVE_INTERVAL’, 86400); at the the top of the file after @package.
    Please make sure that it looks like in the screenshot attached.

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    The problem is caused by the astra css settings.
    Currently its sets your link style to none.
    Go to “Customizing -> Colors & Backgrounds -> Base colors” and adjust the Link Color and/ or the Link Hover Color.
    Sometimes its by default set to the same color (black) as the actual text color.

    Search your wp-config.php file and open it with an text editor.
    Look for @package WordPress and put define('AUTOSAVE_INTERVAL', 86400); after it.
    Make sure its “active” and not commented out with * */.
    Give it a safe. 86400s equals one day. You shouldnt have problems anymore with autosave.

    I recently saw a good solution for this.
    Its a combination of two plugins: Pods (for uploading the files) and Post Table for the Frontend of the library (Post table is about 65 bucks).
    Watch this tutorial for to get an idea:

    Since 1000 files is a quite large amount of files you should consider using a import plugin such as WP All Import for a comfy upload.

    The keyword you are looking for is follow up message.
    The plugin “newsletter” (thats literally the name) offers this as premium option so you have to pay for it.
    You can prepare up to 20 follow up messages (if i remember correctly) and enter the time (in hours) after the signup when you want to send them.

    If you want a free feature try searching on google with the keyword follow up mesasage.

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