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  • Thanks for the suggestion, I hope that soon there will be a quicker and painless way for our pockets πŸ˜‰

    Hi, I would be interested to know too. How to edit “Sample rating item”, I’ve a italian site. thanks

    even a goat like me has succeeded!!! Grazie Mykey and sorry for my ignorance.

    The first string goes in function.php (Menu-Appearance-Editor-functions.php)

    The second string with a custom color #123 in Additional CSS (customize your site – Additional CSS)

    Google’s inspect element sent me off the road,
    because I thought I could change only the rgb values.
    starting from zero in my mind it was all very damned more complex.

    Ri grazie Mykey
    1 thing I understand (Miracle!!!) πŸ˜€ with the first string is ok,

    inserting the string

    .page-template-template-homepage.has-post-thumbnail .type-page.has-post-thumbnail .entry-content, .page-template-template-homepage.has-post-thumbnail .type-page.has-post-thumbnail .entry-title {
    color: #000;
    opacity: 1;

    in function.php gives me this error

    syntax error, unexpected ‘.’, expecting end of file

    Le tue modifiche al codice PHP sono state annullate a causa di un errore alla linea 69 del file wp-content/themes/storefront/functions.php. Correggi e prova a salvare nuovamente.


    Caro Mikey,
    I thank you very much, ti ringrazio davvero di cuore per il tuo aiuto.
    Unfortunately, entering the code you gave me both the title and the content of the home page section disappeared, installing the plugin tells me that the page was not found. I give up, I will keep the page title black and if anyone asks me why that black on a blue color I will answer that the creators of the theme do not allow you to change that color.
    I’d rather pay than being confronted with this situation, I installed dozens of themes on the sites that I have created, only for this theme this thing happened to me. Certainly StoreFront will not recommend it to anyone.
    If I can not set the RGB values ​​it makes no sense to keep them, also because using the customization the titles of all the other pages I see the chosen color, this black spot on the home page is a shit.
    Do not misunderstand your help was really welcome, ma se questa caratteristica del tema fa pena non Γ¨ colpa tua.


    Location file: wp-content/themes/storefront/assets/js/homepage.js


    window.RGBaster.colors( img, {
    paletteSize: 1,
    success: function( payload ) {
    var rgb = payload.dominant;
    var colors = rgb.match( /^rgb\((\d+),\s*(\d+),\s*(\d+)\)$/ );

    var r = colors[1];
    var g = colors[2];
    var b = colors[3];
    var brightness = 1;
    // Get the average rgb value.
    var overall = Math.round( ( ( parseInt( r, 10 ) * 299 ) + ( parseInt( g, 10 ) * 587 ) + ( parseInt( b, 10 ) * 114 ) ) / 1000 );
    if ( overall > 230 ) {
    brightness = 0; // Black.
    } else {
    brightness = 30; // White.

    var newr = Math.floor( ( 255 – r ) * brightness );
    var newg = Math.floor( ( 255 – g ) * brightness );
    var newb = Math.floor( ( 255 – b ) * brightness );
    var color = ‘rgb(‘ + newr + ‘, ‘ + newg + ‘, ‘ + newb + ‘)’; = color;
    homepageContent.querySelectorAll( ‘h1’ ).forEach( function( h1 ) { = color;
    } );
    homepageContent.querySelectorAll( ‘.entry-title, .entry-content’ ).forEach( function( el ) {
    el.classList.add( ‘loaded’ ); = brightness >= 30 ? ‘0 4px 30px rgba(0,0,0,.9)’ : ”;
    } );
    } );
    } );

    } )();

    I don’t understand where I put a RGB value and if I put in this page. less where I put a code that you give me, if I add it here? if I change it? for other css what’s do you mean? sorry i’m really ignorant, but I want to know… if I change a theme for this thing.

    Hi @mikeyarce,
    sorry for the misunderstanding, surely I explained myself badly,
    I wanted to upload a photo to show better but I see that this forum does not support this possibility.
    I try to do as you suggest. I am ignorant, but it seems a difficult job to replace a trivial color to the page title

    I inserted the script in the add css section of the customization, however I asked where to find the code and it makes no sense that you answer me with the code I posted already I do not even make irony about the color. #5uc8er
    The site is under contruction.

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