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  • I think there may be some PHP settings at work here too.

    I just kept hitting refresh when the script locked, and it would add a few more media items each time. Some are missed (probably on the ones that lock it up), but most import fine, and the script avoids duplicate posts and media well.

    Once I got past the part of my blog that had lots of high res pics, it started humming along and finished off all the rest without erroring out. Something to do with having a lot of high res images in a post seems to cause the importer to error, so it is probably a memory or time-out issue somewhere in there.

    I was refreshing to get another couple pictures in each time, but it comes up with this (malformed) error now after the list of duplicate images it skipped. Is this helpful?

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    My first post has a lot of pictures attached. The first 34 get imported correctly (original image attached to the post, local href and img src), and then it is as if the importer stopped updating the links, and the rest of that post (and all the next ones) is just the straight html from the Posterous posts.

    Odd coincidence: 34 images actually imported, yet when I go to the importer again, it tells me that 68 images were imported, exactly double (in case that’s any indicator).

    Correction to my last post… Only the first (most recent) post actually imported the images from Posterous and attached it correctly to the wordpress post. All others are still linked to Posterous files, both in the href and the img src.

    UPDATE: Actually, only the first 34 images of that first post imported and attached correctly. All others are just links to the Posterous site for that post and all other posts.

    This morning, the dev version worked fine and imported the whole set. Dllh, I think you’re onto something with these latest issues being caused by the Posterous service on the other end of the call seems spotty. (maybe better chances of success at “lower traffic” times)

    Also, when the importer ran through all on its own (instead of getting cut off somewhere in the middle), the links to the content are properly replaced with local links instead of going to On top of that, it even included the original, full size images this time. No code in the plugin I was using or my site changed between this attempt and the last, so it must be on the Posterous side. It seems just getting lucky with a good response from the Posterous service makes all the difference.

    The dev version seems to be getting further, but it stops after about 31 posts for me. It’s hard to tell why it stopped. The URL shows: admin.php?import=posterous&step=3 and the right side of the page (next to the word press side bar) is blank. In another tab, I could see the posts were getting loaded for a while even though the page appeared not to be doing anything. Then the post count stopped increasing. I have 184 posts total in the blog I’m trying to import.

    I’m also having the same issue as eatloaf. The sized.500 images are imported and displayed in the post, but the href around them links to the sized.1000 version on Is there any way to update those links?

    Is there any way to import the original size images from posterous? or at least to import the sized.1000 versions into the posts instead of the smaller sized.500?

    Just polling to see if all those having this issue have something in common:

    I’m on Dreamhost and using v.3.5.1. You?

    The problem with going through is that you only get the resized images, and not the original images. Supposedly, if the posterous import plugin was not having this issue, it would import the original source images.

    Any ideas from the plugin author as to what might be causing this?

    Did some additional testing:

    * deactivated all other plugins in case there was a conflict
    * made sure I’m using the most basic/default posterous template with no customization
    * made sure my posterous space is fully set to public with downloading enabled (just in case)
    * tested with the wrong password, just to see if it got that far (it did, and properly told me it was the wrong login info)
    * checked the PHP-errors.log and found nothing in there

    Still having the same problem. Any ideas for what I may be able to try next?

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