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  • Ver 2.X also broke my site, where can I get the previous version so I can get into my WP admin?

    Hurray! It’s working again, thanks.

    However I would like to know what caused the issue? Was it a problem with the update or something else (ex: Facebook changed something)?

    Just bad timing, I just started a promo for one of my multi-sites that required visitors to login using the AccessPress Social Login Lite plugin, then this issue happened.

    I guess that it’s my fault for not making a back up to revert to before updating the plugin (I have many sites that use your plugins and many others). However it would be nice to have a link on your site to the previous version just in case an update does not work (become broken) on some sites.

    I used another plugin to present the post ad and manage ad pages/content only when the user is logged in.

    So this post is more of a suggestion then a support issue. Having site admin the option of choosing if a user can create an account at ad post (like it is now) or require registration/login first would be something to consider for your next plugin update.

    Also creating an add-on that allows users post an ad anonymously (have a pass code to manage/edit ad with no user account needed) would be a cool too.

    I use this plugin on a few sites now (even replaced other ‘classifieds’ plugins with this one) so thanks again for the great plugin.

    That was one of the first things I tried, however I think that was before I discovered the “BBC vs BCC” error. I guess that is why it did not work then.

    I commented out that line and fixed the BCC issue, however when I do that the contact form pauses for a few seconds when you press [ Send Message ] button. The form submission is normally instant? (however does work)

    If I don’t comment out/remove that line the form submission is instant again? However then the AD contact doesn’t get the message.

    Sorry for the barrage of questions, it was a late night and wondered how this snippet had gone unnoticed for so long this way (thought there was a reason I missed).

    Anyway, the one and only question that I really need answered is:

    How do I change the $mail[“to”] to send to the ad author or better yet contact email for the ad?

    Thanks for the great plugin and your help.

    BTW: I’m not a programmer/coder nor do I play one on TV.

    Thank you for your help, however to fix the URL issue I used ‘Theme My Login’ plugin.

    I may use the above snippet to customize the outgoing email later on.

    Again appreciate your response to this thread.

    How do I use this? Do I just copy it to the plugin folder and activate it as a separate plugin or do I copy it to your plugin folder and activate it as an add-on?

    Still waiting for that fix? My error logs are getting too big and I can’t be manually flushing these logs all the time.

    Please create a minor update or something to stop filling up the error log and all my sites that have this plugin. At least make an option to turn it off.

    Any updates on Ultimate Member using WordPress roles?

    10 Months and my site is still broken, unable to register ‘paid’ membership without manual intervention. My clients want instant access to their paid membership (and they should), not wait until I get home, read the emails, then hunt down their user account and then manually update their community role to match their WordPress role. I can’t be at my computer every day.

    Ultimate Member is an awesome plugin, however as awesome it is I can’t be hand holding it every time someone upgrades their membership. Using WP roles is essential and required for this type of plugin.

    Woo Commerce is too complex and bloated for my needs (don’t need Jet Pack, Woo Commerce account/services, product management or all the other junk that comes with it).

    Please, PLEASE role out WP roles for Ultimate Member ASAP!



    Well after searching the internet instead of just the WP plugins I found an update: – v1.1.0 why is it not in the WP plugins?

    Now we gone full circle…

    Re: “Why must we have to use a plugin or add filters to the functions.php file or edit the pluggable.php file to fix this”

    We should not have to do all that. Plugins add up fast and should only be used to enhance or add functionality, not fix short comings. Having to create filters or alter code can have adverse effects on the site performance/security if not outright break it due to a mistake, WordPress should not need ‘patching’ out of the box regardless what the plans are for the install.

    Even if the install is not for “multiple users nor a need to email anyone but themselves” the site admin still needs to be able to receive messages from their site. Again many people that are installing a basic minimal WordPress site are likely not going to be aware about this issue and assume that all is quiet at their site when it really not. Worse their domain/IP may get marked as a spam source because they are unaware that blocked messages are being sent out from their site.

    Since yesterday I have been getting this filling up my error logs:

    [19-Nov-2017 17:48:38 UTC] allowed=1
    [19-Nov-2017 17:48:38 UTC] sac_allowed, post_id=16, value=logged in, logged_in=
    [19-Nov-2017 17:48:38 UTC] post_id=16, restrict=1
    [19-Nov-2017 17:48:38 UTC] sac_allowed, post_id=17, value=logged in, logged_in=
    [19-Nov-2017 17:48:38 UTC] post_id=17, restrict=1
    [19-Nov-2017 17:48:38 UTC] sac_allowed, post_id=2, value=, logged_in=
    [19-Nov-2017 17:48:38 UTC] sac_allowed, post_id=5, value=, logged_in=
    [19-Nov-2017 17:48:38 UTC] sac_allowed, post_id=34, value=, logged_in=
    [19-Nov-2017 17:48:38 UTC] sac_allowed, post_id=35, value=, logged_in=
    [19-Nov-2017 17:48:38 UTC] sac_allowed, post_id=38, value=, logged_in=
    [19-Nov-2017 17:48:38 UTC] sac_allowed, post_id=54, value=, logged_in=
    [19-Nov-2017 17:48:38 UTC] sac_allowed, post_id=61, value=, logged_in=
    [19-Nov-2017 17:48:38 UTC] sac_allowed, post_id=62, value=, logged_in=
    [19-Nov-2017 17:48:38 UTC] sac_allowed, post_id=63, value=, logged_in=
    [19-Nov-2017 17:48:38 UTC] sac_allowed, post_id=64, value=, logged_in=
    [19-Nov-2017 17:48:38 UTC] sac_allowed, post_id=65, value=, logged_in=
    [19-Nov-2017 17:48:38 UTC] sac_allowed, post_id=66, value=, logged_in=
    [19-Nov-2017 17:48:38 UTC] sac_allowed, post_id=67, value=, logged_in=
    [19-Nov-2017 17:48:38 UTC] sac_allowed, post_id=69, value=, logged_in=

    Stops when I deactivate the SAC plugin.



    I would have to disagree with Ipstenu statement.


    If WordPress developers are not going to ever fix this, then at least they could have it somewhere prominent in the documentation that creating a ‘’ email account would be a good idea (however I’d rather they fix it).

    If a user changes their role using Paid Memberships Pro (upgrade/downgrade) which only changes the user WP role, how does this change the user community role in Ultimate Member as well?

    I only see Ultimate Member changing the WP role when you change the Ultimate Member community role. I don’t see the community role changing when Paid Memberships Pro changes the wp role?

    I need a way for Paid Memberships Pro to update the Ultimate Member community role, perhaps having each community role as a WP role capability?

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