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  • hello dear all

    many many thanks for the thread: i still struggle with the described methods to post images here in this great forum.

    see my test:


    note: should i do a quote to get the photo that is hosted on imgur visible!? love to hear form you


    ps – keep up the great forum here – it is one of the best places on the whole net!

    good evening dear Mika.

    many many thanks for the reply. i am very glad to hear from you. Youre just great!
    well – besides the idea how to display and besides the idear to use your plugin i think i need to do some experiments.

    note: i am only interested in the POI i only need to have the records of the hospital poi !! This does make the methodolgy a bit smarter – what do you say!?

    note:; at healthsites we have the following dataset:

    839122 healthsites listed – vgl.:

    Anzahl Objekte:
    [Alle] Alle 181012							0.00% 101736 										0.06%
    [Way] Way 76 022							0.01%
    [Relation] Relation 3 254					0.04%

    i guess that i need to experiment a bit.

    some important questions are the following:

    How the hospital data (records, fields, types) is structured and presented (download) is important. For the most part we need to do some additional filtering and/or parsing to obtain the required data.

    I.e., we first download the data from the source, then select, sort, parse the data into a new table that fits our requirements.(Versus trying to do that via the download options (if any). However, if there are source site download options then they may simplify what we need to do with the data we download.
    approach: we can try some controlled data downloads for a smaller geographic area. (There may be a filter that we can used for the initial download.
    For example the site download option may provide a menu where we can select location “X” where location is a country, state, city….
    Especially a Location X where we already know what hospitals are there and where they are located.
    we then can work on extracting the hospital locations from that data until we can get a match between our results and the previously identified “known” hospitals and Locations X.
    we go step by step: Then we can use that algorithm to test a larger geographic area. Most likely we will need to make modifications to our rules, filters, etc. to extract the hospital data.
    Doubt that one rule will extract them all unless there is some common data value that identifies a “hospital”. Could be an icon or some key word used on the maps.

    The key is to be methodic and always have the ability to verify the results.
    If we pull hospital data from two or more sources then we can compare results.
    My expectation would be that Dataset 1 and Dataset 2 will have overlapping data (Venn diagram) but each dataset will still have hospitals not found in the other.
    The end requirement being able to merge the datasets to get the complete set of hospitals for the targeed geographical area.

    As for tools: Python is quite powerful. May give us more overall control with regards to our requirements and what needs to be done to capture the hospital data.

    and of course: we an use Osmfilter too: cf

    what do you say?!

    look forward to hear from you

    dear Leaflet-experts

    just would be happy to hear from you


    since i am interested especially in the dataset of i can download it at this page:_

    – and import all that OSM-data to PostGIS for the purpose of visualization and further analytics.
    There are a bunch of tools on the market— osm2pgsql; imposm; ogr2org; just to mention some of those.
    i will do any further steps according this manual:

    hello dear inempleo

    many thanks for this topic which is very interesting. i work on this topic and i have to admid at the moment i am struggling with this –

    im facing right now the problem that i want to edit fronend.css where to do this.

    should i do this in the general appearance editor:

    how did you do the edting and which solution did you find!?

    loo forard to hear from you

    hello dear Steve

    many thanks for the answer – and the correction – and a big big sorry for the error and misunderstanding.

    as you may have seen in the other thread i was totaly wrong#

    – i wanted to post the answer that was – by accident – written here – to the other thread. But as i had two threads in two browser-windows open i did this terrible mistake. So a big big SORRY –
    note i am the one that appreciates all your work and that is very happy with all you and all the staff members of the mods do.

    i guess that this have been said and replied from me in the previous posts.

    A big big Sorry for raising such issues.

    Thanks again for the answer – and for all you and your colleagues do


    hello dear Jan @jdembowski, Steve @sterndata, and dear Joy @joyously

    note: i thought that i posted this one hour ago. but the text vanished somehow. so i try it again… i hope that i do not post this double…!!

    first of all
    : many thanks for the reply : probably i did not understand fully
    how to do this – to include a image

    i have an image that is uploaded there:

    the question now is: how to imclude it into a posting

    like so: – with the png-extension or …

    how is it done correctly?
    love to hear from you


    hello dear Jan @jdembowski, Steve @sterndata, and dear Joy @joyously

    first of all: many thanks for the reply : probably i did not understand fully
    how to do this – to include a image

    i have an image that is uploaded there:

    the question now is: how to imclude it into a posting

    like so: – with the png-extension or …

    how is it done correctly?
    love to hear from you


    <script async src=”//” charset=”utf-8″></script>

    hello dear all,

    unfortunalty i was not able to publish the image correctly

    so i will try again to write the reply with the correct image in questoin.
    above all- i love this – it looks so great and i want to achive this block in my page too.

    on a sidenote: here again the try of publishing the images:

    background: i obviously have some issues with the publishing of images: see here

    but i try to figure it out – and hopefully will be able to do the correct image publishing

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    hello and good day dear imborx

    first of all: many thanks for using wp-jobmanager – a warm wellcome to you in the community of wp-job-manager!

    Many thanks stepping up with your question: i just installed the wp-job-manager to a new site – so i also wonder why i do not see the according category field.

    i have had a quick view onto the demo-page which is set up by the developers and the support team of the developers of wp-job-manager: see here

    well – in fact i do not see the categories over there. Do you.

    but i am pretty sure that this is only a little thing that has to do with the configuration: i will try to figure it out later the day – and if i will find a solution i will come back ans share it with you (and the community)

    perhaps other user will step up the plate and come back with a solution.

    meanwhile – have a great day.

    hello dear all

    i have fixed this – it was not very hard – the new theme twentytwenty is great and i really love it.

    the in the threadstart mentioned customizing was not hard cf

    regard the issues of this thread as solved – all works great cf.

    keep up the great project – it rocks

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    hello dear all – good day

    done _ all works like a charme! Note: this was only a test-setting. But i like

    a. the theme 2020
    b. the plugin wp-job-manager

    great job – keep it up. – and regard this thead as solved

    greeings say 😉

    hello dear all – fixed this issue,

    sorrry for the newbie-question: i found out where to start.
    i have digged deeper in the Gutenberg – Theme galaxis and found out some intersting things.

    j found all the parts i have looked for in the following class:

    class: wp_block_group

    i really like the wordpress-gutenberg-gruppe-block--things.

    great stuff. So regard this thread as solved.

    have a great day.

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    Many thanks dear Shuvashish!

    awesome – thanks for the answer . and thanks for the support. this project rocks. Keep it up!

    hello again

    after digging deeper if found out what went wrong:

    well to point it out clearly – nothing went wrong – the polylang-plugin has got a langauge-detection system – that said – the plugin can be connected to the browser – and then detects the language.

    note: since we are here in Germany – it allways falls back on German… (de)

    Detect browser language

    x Activate 
    0 Deactivate

    background: when the front page is visited, set the language according to the browser preference

    i switched to off – in other words deactivated it – and now all works great

    many many thanks for your help –

    have a great day

    good day dear bcworkz

    first of all: many many thanks for your reply which points out many important aspects. I have had a closer look at the theme 2017 which is only a interim-solution for me. in the near future i will switch to 2020 – which looks very promising.

    I have noticed that i have several option in thie admin-section of customizing of the theme and appearance of the theme and the site itself

    regarding the customizing of the homepage-settings where we can choose between staticpage and a post page

    i can do some adjustments: i will have a closer look at these options – they seem to be “crititcal to all the outcome that i get regarding the pages that appeare as start – page…

    cf the corresponding text in this area:

    You can choose what’s displayed on the homepage of your site.
    It can be posts in reverse chronological order (classic blog),
    or a fixed/static page. To set a static homepage, you first need to create two Pages.
    One will become the homepage, and the other will be where your posts are displayed.
    Your homepage displays
    Your latest posts
    X A static page

    so i am going to do some more customizaiton

    dear bcworkz many thanks for your support and your help – you have helped me alot.

    have a great day

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