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  • sange4499


    Thanks for the help James,

    It seems users are getting live updates now.

    I’m having a few other strange problems now that may have occured while following the uninstall guide, But I’ll do my best to work that out.




    Hi again James,

    So I managed to get into my WP hosting manager and follow the wp super cache removal guide, and everything seems to be working well, but now other computers in the office are struggling to load up parts of the website – so for example, the home page loads up (a little slower but that is to be expected in this process).

    Some pages do not load at all, such as our main gallery page, which is interesting considering the other gallery pages, which are all set up the same, are loading up fine. I get a gateway time out, but only on other computers and devices other than the pc I use to edit my site.

    I will continue to test pages and upload new imgs throughout today and ill keep my eye on this thread.

    Again, thank you for the help and advice, it is indeed very much appreciated!



    I see,

    I’m attempting to remove it now following the instructions in that link you sent me, bare with me ill get back to you as soon as I’ve worked out how to remove the .php file

    > I backed up my site last night using updraft plus which has saved me in the past so if anything should go wrong I wont lose it



    to be 100% clear, when i place an image with an update that has a water mark, the water mark does not show on my users end – this is my problem, but across every image on the entire site.

    > note that most of our images have been manually fixed a long time ago and have water marks on them, which I added while going through the entire site to optimise all img assets for low file size, so to kill 2 birds with 1 stone



    Hi there! Thanks for the response.

    WP super cache has been uninstalled for a week now, I’ve pretty much given up on it for the moment. I am experiencing no problems with it gone, but same thing goes that users dont see updated images on their browsers unless they delete cache on their end

    my goal is to help them see updates without deleting their own cache – so to force whatever cache is saved on their end to conform with changes I make, whenever next they log in, if that makes sense.

    I hope I don’t sound too confusing here.

    I am using my mobile phone to test changes as it has no syncd accounts in affiliation with the website

    Hi Rui,

    Although I deleted my Cache on my pc when the issue occured, I did not think about disabling my WP super cache to see if that would clear up the issue and it did! I will be sure to set be more careful setting it up next time.

    Thank you so much for the help, that was incredibly stressful! I will definitely have a read of that cache info link you posted to learn more about it.

    Kind regards and thanks again

    just to be clear – i believe it to be the whole static page that has this issue. The way I identified it was via looking at the menu item “products”(viewable on all pages but only affected on static home page) and the item called “Auto Frigo Cool Room Hire”, which should in fact read “Refrigeration for Cold Room Trailers”.

    You will see what I mean by simply going to any other page on my website and looking at the same menu as every other page is working as it should.


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)