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  • I am trying to use this plugin on a development site before I launch it on I have been unable to change the number of posts. It shows 6 posts, but I have it set to display 3. I also have a basic question — how does the plugin choose related posts? It is based on tags and categories or something else? Thanks for your help with this plugin!

    Amanda Frayer

    Hi, it looks like the error has been fixed. I can see the captcha now when I am not logged into the website, here:

    Not sure if you were able to fix it or if it fixed itself, but you may close this support ticket. Thanks.


    I have this problem on the website When I am logged into WordPress I see the captcha on the comment form. But when I am not logged in, it doesn’t appear. I had to disable captcha on comments, because users couldn’t submit a comment either. I tried to submit a test comment (with captcha enabled on comments in plugin settings) and received this error:
    ERROR: You have entered an incorrect reCAPTCHA value. Click the BACK button on your browser, and try again.

    The recaptcha is working fine on login page. Also, my theme does not customize comments. I took a look at the code of comments.php and found standard WP function – comment_form();

    If I should insert gglcptch_display(); where should I put it?- as noted in this support ticket:

    Thanks for your help with this. I use the Google Captcha (reCAPTCHA) by BestWebSoft plugin successfully with another website, and would really like to make it work with

    I have the same problem. Debug log:

    09:08:23 PHP 5.6.24 Array
    09:10:36 PHP 5.6.24 Array
    09:11:59 PHP 5.6.24 Array

    I followed all steps on FAQ – Why isn’t the data sending? I installed NS Connector yesterday and it didn’t work, so I deactivated the plugin. Then it occurred to me that Google Recaptcha on WordPress login screen might be interfering, so I turned that off and reactivated the plugin NS Connector this morning. I submitted the form 3 times, but not seeing anything in Google Sheet.



    Yes, please close the ticket. We plan to make all the changes you suggest sometime soon. Thanks for all your help.



    I have done all the things you recommended, plus ran the Sucuri scanner which gave a clean bill of health. I deleted a bunch of files on the server that weren’t necessary for basic operation. But will take another look to be sure I caught everything. The site owner still reports timeouts, and can’t pull the website up at his location even after clearing his cache which is weird. I think our next step is to diagnose the logs, and seek support with Blue Host. But I will read more about Rev slider exploit too.

    Thank you for testing and following up with WP Performance Score Booster. Once again, you’ve gone the extra mile. We really appreciate all your advice!



    To be more clear, I was able to recover the website from the white screen of death by deleting wp-config.php and relying on WordPress to walk through database connection using wp-config-sample.php. It was pretty strange and I don’t have a proper explanation for it. I tried all kinds of things to get the site back up without success: renaming the plugins directory, renaming the theme to force wordpress to use the default, updated core, deleted htaccess, put the default htaccess language back in, increased memory in wp-config. None of these things brought the website back up. It wasn’t until I deleted wp-config.php from the server entirely. I then walked through the steps to set up a new wp-config.php in the browser.

    I think it was a coincidence that the website went down at the moment I was clicking setup wizard for BPS. They have been experiencing other problems like timeouts, which is why they asked for my help. I can see in the logs that they have some unwanted bot traffic on xmlrpc. It’s not as high as I’ve seen on other websites, but certainly could be affecting performance because they are in a shared hosting environment. There’s still work to do but your plugin is a great start, THANKS!



    Yes I was able to get the website back up yesterday morning. My hunch is that it was related to the WP Performance Speed Booster plugin, but I’m not entirely sure. After I got the website back up, I had all the plugins deactivated. I was able to install BPS without any problem. I was reactivated the plugins one by one to see if there would be any conflict. When I tried to reinstall WP Performance Speed Booster, the htaccess file went blank. Clearly, the WP Performance Speed Booster plugin was attempting to write to the file, but it wasn’t working. I do know how to add custom code to htaccess using BPS, but since the behavior of the plugin was odd I decided to drop it altogether.

    The 403 error you are seeing is not related to BPS. The plugin requires a valid license key which I did not have. The site owner needs to put that in for the error to go away. But thanks for doing a little detective work into that.

    I am very happy with your plugin and use it across multiple websites. It’s a great plugin and thanks for the amazing support!

    Hi Petra, I have tried in the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome and Safari on a Mac but no success in any of these browsers.

    We like the plugin very much and the content it picks is usually great. Only, occasionally want to edit. This is a good example, from our blog:

    I’d like to remove the post that doesn’t have an image thumbnail and put something else instead.

    The other plugins we are running:

    Broken Link Checker
    Bulletproof Security
    BWP Google XML Sitemaps
    CodeArt – Google MP3 Player
    Custom Field Template
    Debug Bar
    Debug Bar Cron
    Digg Digg
    Google Pagespeed Insights
    Image Widget
    Menu Social Icons
    Simple Local Avatars
    Simple Page Ordering
    SoundCloud Shortcode
    W3 Total Cache
    Wordpress Database Backup
    Wordpress Security Question
    Wordpress SEO
    WP Pagenavi
    WP Updates Notifier

    Any ideas? Thanks for your help!

    I installed SEO Redirection, but deactivated and deleted it after learning it didn’t have multisite support. There are 3 tables in my database related to SEO. I just want to confirm before I remove them, are these tables associated with your plugin?

    [my prefix]_WP_SEO_404_links
    [my prefix]_WP_SEO_Redirection
    [my prefix]_WP_SEO_Redition_LOG

    Thanks, Amanda

    whoops, this is available with Plainview Activity Monitor. ThreeWP is listed now as obsolete and recommends that you use Plainview Activity Monitor instead. I think it’s the same author.

    Tom, this might be an available option, under admin settings. There are two listed as wp_login_failed. One says “Does not display the password.” Maybe you should try this option and uncheck the other?

    whoops, my code didn’t paste as expected:


    <div class=”dd_button”>



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