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  • Always nervous I’m going to break something I don’t understand. After a bit more reading to make sure I had the right file, I updated my www-conf file user/group to my wordpress user.

    Worked like a charm! Thanks for the lead on that one!

    Nice, that definitely gives me something to work with, thanks! It’ll take me a bit to get to figuring it out to try, but I’ll report back!

    Just to add in for numbers sake, I use SendGrid… simply because it was the easiest way to quickly get email working on GCE. My account was suspended yesterday for suspicious email.

    I did the sleuthing first and tracked it down to the share by email feature. About a thousand emails to the same

    I only use email for internal notifications to site staff so I shouldn’t ever generate more than 10 emails a day.

    No real problems on my end, I just disabled that feature for now and the flood stopped. My SendGrid account was reactivated (those guys are quite responsive, that was nice!) I just wanted to add in here in case it helps or I can be of further assistance. I’m always happy to provide further deets!

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    @andrew — I went ahead and reopened this to provide a bit of info, and also since Cloudflare is not at all a hosting provider — if anyone disagrees feel free to reclose (that’s probably not a word!)

    @indradhonu — I won’t bother you with the cloudflare nitty gritty, it sounds like you’ve done your research already

    I can assure you that when you route dynamic sites through cloudflare, they work just fine. Take my WordPress support site for instance, — you can see it there, it has a fresh new post, and all my comments display immediately.

    I would assume that cloudflare crawls weekly so that, for static sites or static components (css), everything gets up to date

    For dynamic sites, updates ping cloudflare so that content is immediately available.

    I’ve run it on a couple sites, and according to cloudflares own stats, it seems to save me a good deal of resources. I do have other sites not run through cloudflare and I can’t say I see any huge difference in terms of performance. So, as they say YMMV – it probably doesn;t hurt to experiment.

    As I mentioned earlier, static content doesn;t get updated often, remember this if you are working on themes or editing css live on your site. You need to turn on development mode in cloudflare, or you won’t see the changes on your site at all until the next crawl.

    — as a note, I set up cloudflare manually, not through any host. And I have only used the free version which seems to work perfectly fine.

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    To what are you referring? WP sorts by date/time … are your referring to something else?

    That is actually exactly what it sounds like.

    Could that have happened? I assume your designer had full access as an admin? I don’t want to presume such a thing happened, but I also would hate to give you things to try to fix a technical issue that doesn’t actually exist.

    Are you using a demo version of a theme or something? Or did you buy it?

    Either way, we can’t help much here with supporting a premium theme. We do not have access to the theme to investigate it, and we are unable to support themes which have not been downloaded from the official WordPress theme repo

    I’d hit up the link above, and also check out some WordPress theme tutorials around the google machine. There are even ones specific to turning an html design into a wordpress heme.

    The tutorials can help you gain an understanding of how files are put together to make a theme.

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    Turning on that feature auto creates folders within the main uploads folder for each year, within each year a folder is made for each month, and your images all get auto sorted thusly as you add them. That strategy would keep you from busting the limit I’d believe. I ran my site on godaddy for 4 years without running into said issue (I’ve since switched hosts).

    I’m not certain this helps you with past images, but it’s a future strategy

    Do you have any menu items available to you, or are they missing completely?

    Items that are missing from your dashboard might be able to be found by clicking on ‘Screen Options’ toward the top right.

    If your menus and screen options are missing, we might have slightly bigger issues. Do you kow if your site was recently upgraded to WordPress 3.8? It may coincide with that

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    In settings-> media have you enabled
    Organize my uploads into month- and year-based folders

    Jetpack now supports posting to Google+, presently I use Jetpack for that and Social for FB and Twitter as I really do prefer the control I get from Social.

    Use categories and set your permalinks to be /category/post-name perhaps?

    Or do you specifically need this with pages? I can’t quite tell (categories don’t work with pages by default)

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    You have a wordpress.COM account and are thus at the wrong support forum!

    You should be at:

    It’s a very common misunderstanding! 😀

    Also, you need to start posting content for your RSS feed to work! Everything looks fine on your feed setup, it will work once you develop content. RSS isn’t meant to be viewed directly/in-browser, it is meant to provide content to RSS readers

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