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  • Marcus, I appreciate how quickly you addressed the issue. I’ll be sure to give it another try when I get a chance.

    I appreciate your quick response and I do think the plugin is a great idea. It’s clear you’re keen to make it more robust. I don’t doubt that this is a rare fluke situation. You should note that I had originally moved the wp-config.php file out of the usual folder up one to the root. After my 500 error happened last night, I notice that there were two wp-config.php files and the one that was 0 bytes was in the usual spot WordPress normally keeps it. I don’t believe that there were two before, although I can’t be sure. I also loosened up the file permissions for that file last night in order to restore it. I just experimented this morning and deleted the one in the root folder and reinstalled and activated your plugin successfully. Unfortunately, as soon as I enabled safe mode (me only) I got a message saying there was an error and an email would be sent to the admin email. The home page was messed up so I quickly restored the wp-config file again (it wasn’t blanked out this time) and the site is back to looking normal. I would consider duplicating the site when I get some time so you can test, although even I didn’t replicate the same issue the second time around.

    Did you ever find a solution? I want to get the same thing working.

    I finally got a chance to tinker around again, but still no luck accessing images anywhere inside the uploads folder with a direct link. I thought maybe I had tried to set permissions and hadn’t noticed that it failed. It didn’t fail and I definitely set the permission on the folder and all subdirectories and files inside. I’m stumped, but I’m moving on for now…

    Thanks again.

    Thanks Vishal. I didn’t know about phpinfo(). I used it to compare both servers with INFO_ALL. There was just so much to go over, most of which I don’t understand, but it’s good to know about.

    However, your question about the folder structure gave me the idea to try creating a folder outside of wp-content/uploads, which I was trying to use. It works that way and I can go ahead and keep them there instead, so that solves my problem. Thanks for the help. If anybody has any insight into why, on the production server, WordPress is preventing access to the uploads folder outside of the internal mechanisms it uses to serve up files, please comment.

    Thanks very much.

    Thanks Arvind. If I understand you correctly, you’re saying to set tutorials as my tag base? That’s an interesting idea and may solve part of my problem, but if I want to continue using tags for normal, non-tutorial based tag related queries, they’ll all list under tutorials.

    Plus, changing the tag base doesn’t help me query for tutorial post types. I still get only normal posts when clicking a tag.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)