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  • Unfortunately I can not disable the disable theme Feature Slider because I do not want loose the ‘Feature Column’.
    Is it possible to include the “face slide transition effect” in your next update?
    I do not mind the waiting..

    I tried creating and switching to a child theme, but when I do so, I am loosing all desired fonts. so again I had to switch back to the parent theme..



    Hello @ultimatemembersupport,
    Any news on the User Countdown TIMER??

    three months of searching around for this functionality, zero answers.
    not even plugins can support showing User defined Countdown timer on a single page, using a single shortcode, as your forms do..

    I have noted something concerning this issue.
    As an Admin, if and when the “CRM Agent” roles is checked and active, the ‘Customers’ or ‘Vendors’ list vanishes.

    the auto populate will not work, and a customer or a vendor will not show up when trying to record a payment, or an expense.

    but when the “CRM Agent” role is unchecked, the respective lists come back and everything being to work just fine.

    I do not know if this is by design or something, but this is my observation so far.

    Working like a charm, thank you so much, though again it has created or brought out some more issues or concerns. Take a look at this mobile screenshot here, and here.

    Adding to the same CSS code above, or something new,
    1. is it possible to reduce the Cover image to, say 50%?
    2. is it also possible to hide the ‘inquiry’ button just on mobile??
    3. is it possible to hide the “choose location” and “choose state” search fields, both on mobile and desktop?? I am in African, and these do not somehow apply here.

    Sincere apologies if this is too much to request.



    Thank you for your response.

    I would like to implement this “Two Column Store List” when the store list is being views on Mobile.

    Any CSS code for this??


    Yes please.
    & this is what is surprising me as well.



    It’s actually I the Admin who has lost these lists.
    Take a look.



    I am able to maintain a user’s role across all multiple independent WordPress installs thanks this function code:

    function siteA_save_role( $user_id, $role ) {
    	// Site 1
    	// Change value if needed
    	$prefix_1 = 'SiteA_';
    	// Site 2 prefix
    	// Change value if needed
    	$prefix_2 = 'SiteB_';
    	$caps = get_user_meta( $user_id, $prefix_1 . 'capabilities', true );
    	$level = get_user_meta( $user_id, $prefix_1 . 'user_level', true );
    	if ( $caps ){
    		update_user_meta( $user_id, $prefix_2 . 'capabilities', $caps );
    	if ( $level ){
    		update_user_meta( $user_id, $prefix_2 . 'user_level', $level );
    add_action( 'set_user_role', 'SiteA_save_role', 10, 2 );

    When a user is a customer in Site A, they will be a customer in Site B as well.
    When a user is a Vendor is Site A, same role will automatically update across all install. I searched and found this working code on Google.

    but now the problem is, when a user who originally registered on Site B is updated to a Vendor, WC Marketplace plugin will not work. WC Marketplace fails to recognize this user as a legit Vendor.

    But if a user is registered on Site B, and updated as a Vendor, WC Marketplace will work just fine.

    Why is WC Marketplace failing to recognize inherited users as Vendors, even when there roles have been updated accordingly?
    Why is this happening?

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    I’m happy that we are finally on the same page.
    &, I am definitely not a code person, so I do not know how or where to place and use the get_user_by() code you’ve provided.

    In Site B, I have updated the user’s role to ‘vendor,’ but WC Marketplace is still unable to recognize the updated user as a vendor.

    Why is this happening??

    Thank you



    You’re off topic.
    This is NOT is a WordPress Multisite installation.

    ‘Site B’ which is found in ‘Site A,’ with the address ‘’ is an independent Standalone WordPress installation. It has manually been installed there, just to suit it’s purposes, and address.

    Further, the ONLY common thing between ‘Site A’ and ‘Site B’ are the users. The same users on Site A are available on Site B, thanks to the define( 'CUSTOM_USER_TABLE', 'siteA_users' ); line of code in the wp-config.php file.

    So now the challenge is, when the role of a normal user who registered is on Site A, is updated to ‘Vendor’ on Site B, WC Marketplace is failing to recognize that use as a vendor.

    WC Marketplace will only recognize a user as a vendor if that user is manually added on Site B itself. Are you now understanding the challenge I am having??

    You’re now off topic.
    Allow me to re-explain the situation.

    I have a WordPress install.
    For the purposes of this conversation, let’s call it ‘Site A.’
    This ‘Site A’ is accessible at “”
    This fully functional ‘Site A’ has users already registered, and everything is running normal…

    I have setup another new and fresh WordPress install.
    This new fresh install is inside ‘Site A,’ meaning, it’s address is “”

    On the new ‘Site B’ fresh install, everything is running just fine, including all users being inherited from ‘Site A,’ because both ‘Site A’ and ‘Site B’ are using the same database…

    Any USER on ‘Site B’ who have been inherited from ‘Site A’ is NOT being recognized as a Vendor

    While on ‘Site B,’ any existing user who was already registered from ‘Site A’ and just got inherited into ‘Site B’ (because both installs are using the same database,) is NOT BEING RECOGNIZED as a VENDOR on ‘Site B.’

    ‘Site B’ will only recognize a user as a Vendor if that user is manually added to ‘Site B’ itself.

    hence my QUESTION,
    Why is this plugin failing to recognition an existing user as a Vendor?

    Any additional information you may require, I;m here for you.
    Thank you..

    Thank you for your time and response.

    Even after adjusting the roles as per your directive, WC Marketplace is still failing to recognize any user who registered on Site A.

    WC Marketplace is only recognizing a user as a vendor if that user registers on Site B where WC Marketplace itself has been installed, or if that user is manually added to Site B.

    In short,
    WC Marketplace is not recognizing users inherited from Site A or any other external sauce. WC Marketplace wants me to manually add the user.

    Hope this info helps in figuring out where the mini challenge is…

    Thank you.

    I have installed User Role Editor, which allows a user to have more than one role.
    So when I give the vendor role to the user in site B as a second role, WC Marketplace is still failing to recognize the user as a vendor..

    Thank you for time and write back.

    In site A, Vendor’s role is a normal customer.

    &, I am unable to provide a screenshot, because now the screen is just white.
    the “Shop Title Update Error” is no longer appearing..

    Working like a charm.

    Happy New Year to you..

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