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  • Well, Many Thanks for that information and reminding me how bbp itself works.
    I had forgot, its been so long since I had to think about it.
    Your bbp Style Pack is a winner.

    OK, I’ll be OK with 40 BCCs per email sent out – forget that part.
    How about:
    How does bbp style pack determine which of our users will receive the notification emails on new TOPICs. We have SUBSCRIBERS to the wordpress and PARTICIPANTS or BLOCKED for the Forum users
    In a trial forum new topic post, it sent the notification to only 93 SUBSCRIBERS users when I expected it to send to 180 users.
    OR I expected it to send to 145 forum PARTICIPANTS.
    Why only 93?

    Our Emails go thru WP SMTP to MAILGUN.
    We are using WP 5.3.4 and PHP 7.3
    Website is

    You pegged both reasons.
    Processing time on 185 emails takes longer than the 120 seconds Siteground allows us.
    One of their techs made a change for me, which was later detected and now we will be bumped up to next COST level.
    When I use a different emailer in the site backend, it only sends 7 emails with 30 bcc each and that goes out in about 3 seconds.
    All our email is going thru WP SMTP plugin then thru MAILGUN who now charges us a buck or 3 per month because we now are sending between 2 or 3 thousand emails per month.

    Last time I just sent emails thru Siteground mailer I would go over their 400 email limit and get chopped off somewhere midway thru an email sending and that drove me crazy till I asked them for the limits.

    SOOO, I am willing to give up the personalization to gain the speed and stay within Siteground restrictions.

    is there a code snippet or other method that would allow us to save the uploaded file into our website default media library?

    I have been using SimpleCalendar quite successfully for about 5 months.

    I will suggest two possibilities for you
    1) it appears you are on a STAGING site and that might be your problem.
    2) re-read all the docs for setting up your calendars. maybe you missed something OR it’s something in your Google calendar settings. Gotta check both ends.

    PS, when Ivisit your site I do see arrows for next month and previous month BUT you must have something IN those months to Go to.

    AND in Settings of Simple calendar You have your time shifted by 7 hours. Look at event start times. Not the same in both calendars.

    I managed to find a 3 hour old backup on Siteground that I could restore to.
    Now I just wont UpDate Simple Calendar till they get this sorted again.
    I really like Simple Calendar except for today.

    I hope you can get back up real soon too.

    Users must be logged in to POST adverts.
    We have NO fee plans
    I have FEE FREE plan set to allow 5 images

    I did try Conflict test a few months ago but found no joy there.
    SO, If I am the only user reporting this problem then Either
    My Theme is screwing it up (theme has NOT changed in 1.5 years and uploads DID work early on). But theme has some small problem which prevents me from upgrading PHP to V 7.

    Only other major plugin change has been INDEED ULTIMATE MEMBERSHIP PRO.
    and I cant say if the AWPCP problem coincided with that upgrade or not.

    Because ADMIN and USER get Different Upload screens I am gonna guess its a PHP glitch.
    Does AWPCP fetch/use varying PHP calls for image upload??

    ? EASY, Read the instructions for setting up the plugin.

    100% Great. Thanks

    AND so it is fixed.
    Thanks VERY much, I have it all setup again.
    UPloads WORKING
    Downloads, Working
    Linking to Dropbox, Working

    Quick and Easy for our needs of File sharing.
    I have it setup so any of our users can Download
    but they must LOGIN to our site in order to UPload.

    The problem is YOUR upload process.
    I can upload a file TO the Dropbox by logging in to and the uploaded file does NOT get “duplicate information”.
    If upload to Dropbox via the file is OK when downloaded and functions just fine.
    SO the problem is with your upload process, perhaps the API or app is wonky?

    I have discovered the fault but NOT HOW it happens.
    I focused on ONE file.
    On my computer (the original file) the file size is 116kb
    On the Dropbox the file size is exactly double 232kb

    The file contents gets duplicated in the upload process,
    not two of each line one after the other but two complete sets
    one after the other.
    Can you fix that please!

    Thank You very much Hristo for looking in to my problem.
    YES, this is a process that someone would only do on a very rare occaision and perhaps should be warned of the process time involved (previuos versions took about 10 – 15 minutes)
    Now that WP is up to V 5 and PHP is beyond V 7 its just so much more for the process to evaluate.
    and your thoughts of including a “pause/resume” switch are great too.
    Since our site is so far “behind” just now I’ll check each element for its compatibilty with WP version and PHP version in the PLUGINS list, that info should be there as time goes by.
    Until then I will happily use SG Optimizer for the help it can give us but will not try the evaluator.
    Thanks Again for your help.

    after writing you yesterday I DEactivated SGOptimizer plugin on our site
    now about 20 hours later I just REactivated it. and it still shows 37%, exactly where I left it yesterday.
    while the plugin was DEactivated our site seemed to run as usual (I was afraid the LOADof the Evaluator might slow the site – but we dont get a lot of traffic anyway).
    so visit the site if you wish.
    I may just leave SG Optimizer DEactivted and manually try PHP7 to see what will happen

    Tor-Bjorn, can you point me to more info on this “urlencode”?

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