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  • Thank you, I’ve visited your contact page and sent you the spam messages received through a contact form.

    Hi pasqualerose

    I can confirm this plugin caused the same issues in a friend’s website using WordPress version 4.2.3 and plugin version 1.4.4. After deactivating and removing this plugin the website did return the normal operation thankfully. However after changing to php version 5.5 in GoDaddy hosting panel and activating again it appears to work ok but just slows the site down.

    For anyone else experiencing issues Google wordpress wp super cache overloaded and also look at the web host you are using. My friend uses GoDaddy, it always has problems with slowness however changing PHP version to 5.5 and clicking Current then Save also helped a lot.

    mchelles, thank you for the 2nd part of your advice, I re-installed WordPress and it’s now working fine, thanks a lot!!!!

    Thanks for your response, I’ve reviewed the permalink structure and can confirm that changing the permalinks will work because there will be no question marks at the start of the URLs hence it will work.

    But it doesnt solve the issue of the redirection based on ? at the start of the URL for these particular websites.

    However the websites have worked before, definitely a week ago they were working OK.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)