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  • I take care of several wordpress installations shaped for news site.

    And I’m amazed that currently, even the featured image options, category and tags open and visible on the side, journalists often do not fill or mark properly.

    The great truth is that they do not care and do not want to worry about formatting, this should do is the default CSS style that I set for the website.

    Properly padding these options along with custom metaboxes is much more important for proper archiving and viewing flow of news than prioritizing together (and shuffling together?) Columns, colors, or buttons.

    In this new interface of gutenberb, items that I consider important to fill are getting hidden. And the dozens of blocks with several options that will rarely be used are in emphasis.

    Hello Tammie Lister

    I’m convinced that the sidebars should not be minimized and grouped, this will generate dozens of additional clicks.

    I believe it should follow the same logic as the classic sidebar, categories, tags, featured image, date / time, all in its own box, maximized (open by default) and with the possibility of moving each one to the place I judging most appropriate for my posting need. Exactly as it is currently displayed in the classic.

    For the additional options that each block system now generates, I imagine that ideally these options are controlled in the thickbox or similar popup, as I see these new blocks as additional options that most of the time will not be used.

    This would be the most important observation among many others that I see where it would be possible to prioritize the classic successful style without giving up this innovation that I believe is not mature enough to be the core standard.

    Com certeza é nos correios, também com este erro (plugin atualizado).

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)