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  • I found a work-around. You have to modify the code for Ozh’ Admin Drop Down Menu, because it’s trying to dynamically replace the “user_info” content under certain conditions, but Custom Admin Branding already does that for you, so you don’t need it done twice. I grepped for the string “user_info” because that’s the DIV ID for that section, and I figured it must be copying it with JavaScript. So here’s exactly what I did:

    I’m using version 3.3.10 of Ozh’ Admin Drop Down Menu. I opened inc/core.php and commented out lines 221-224, which look like this:

    var ozhmenu_uselesslinks = jQuery('#user_info p').html();
            if (ozhmenu_uselesslinks) {
                    oam_adminmenu = true;

    So far I can’t find any adverse consequences with my current configuration. But I would imagine that something would be broken if you de-activated Custom Admin Branding (which I’m not planning on doing).

    I am seeing the same problem. I wonder what to do, because I *really* *really* like to get these two awesome plugins to work well together. From what I read in the comments on I think the solution has to come out of the Ozh’ Admin Drop Down Menu plugin, since its style definitions come first. I’m looking further into it now.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)