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  • Nevermind! I got it. Thanks anyway.



    Category 245 should only be Indian brand motorcycles.



    I’m sorry, I forgot to include it –

    It’s just a regular page with nothing else on it, not archive.

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    MySQL Version: 5.6.40-84.0-log
    Max Upload Size: 128 MB
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    I used this code that you sent earlier. [cusrev_all_reviews categories=”245″ ]

    There is more than 1 review, but they are not all from the same category. They are all review categories.

    Interestingly enough, I added the same code that I used originally for another category and it worked fine:

    I’m not sure why it works on this product archive page and not the others that I started with.

    Here is the page that I added it to:

    As you will see, it gives me all the reviews, not narrowed by category.


    I tried using the code above on the page, on a regular page and on a brand new page not using elementor. The result was all the same.

    Oddly enough, on this page-

    I’m getting 2 reviews. The short code is:
    [cusrev_all_reviews sort=”DESC” per_page=”3″ number=”-1″ show_summary_bar=”false” show_pictures=”true” show_products=”true” categories=”218,219,220″ products=”” shop_reviews=”true” number_shop_reviews=”3″]

    On this product – – there are 22 reviews.

    When I look at the BMW archive page – – there is only 1 review.

    I tried changing the short code to:
    [cusrev_all_reviews sort=”DESC” per_page=”10″ number=”-1″ show_summary_bar=”false” show_pictures=”false” show_products=”true” categories=”” products=”29018″ shop_reviews=”true” number_shop_reviews=”-1″]

    To identify the single product, I still get just one review.

    If I don’t specify products and categories, there are 9 pages of reviews.

    It’s really strange…

    Hello – sorry I forgot to include it. Here it is:

    [cusrev_all_reviews sort=”desc” per_page=”3″ number=”-1″ show_summary_bar=”false” show_pictures=”true” show_products=”true” categories=”245,246,250″ products=”68386,58858,58379,55324,68371″ shop_reviews=”true” number_shop_reviews=”-1″]

    I got it from Settings/Extension

    Thanks for your help.



    Yay! Thank you. I added the suggested code snippet from the previous post and it now works!

    After initial research, I spent many minutes on the phone with BlueHost trying to resolve the issue before I posted this and they kept telling me it wasn’t a server issue and everything was fine on their end. Guess it was 🙂



    I can submit a review with no image and it is fine. With an image it goes to page not found

    This is the page that I submitted review on:

    Hello – I’m so sorry for the delay. I still can’t get it to work. It goes to a ‘page not found.’

    Yes, thanks! That did work.

    After the cache cleared, the other menu item went away as well. I changed to a different WC gallery plugin and it’s working fine.

    Appreciate your help!

    Update, I resolved one of the issues.

    The mobile menu not showing on the single product page was a conflict with the WooCommerce Product Gallery Slider. When I disabled that the mobile menu worked again.

    The other two issues still exist.

    There are no new reviews pending moderation.

    The Add to Cart button appears on Firefox, EI, and mobile, but not on Chrome.

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