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  • Thanks for the reply

    I ended up figuring out yesterday that that the filter was not where you put the term ID’s and that I probably couldn’t use your plugin for what I wanted to do.

    I ended up finding a plugin called “WP Term Order” that adds a order column to the table for my Taxonomy tables.

    With this plugin I can either drag the terms to the order I want to in the admin panel or edit each term and place a number in the Order field.

    Then what is nice with that plugin, is I didn’t need any custom code for it to work. All I had to do was change the orderby from ID to order for my loop and bingo, the output of my terms and the posts tagged with them were in the order I wanted.

    ID and Name didn’t give me the proper order that I wanted to display them in.

    OK, I figured out how to do what I wanted to do.

    Ordering by ID didn’t work, because I didn’t create the Terms in the order that I wanted to display them in. While it ordered the terms by ID correctly, the end result appeared random because the tours weren’t in order.

    I ended up finding a plugin called “WP Term Order” which creates a order column for custom taxonomies and you can order them in what ever order you want.

    Then all you have to do is change the orderby to “order”

    So just changing this line in my loop:

    $categories = get_terms('tour', 'orderby=id&order=ASC&hide_empty=1');


    $categories = get_terms('tour', 'orderby=order&order=DESC&hide_empty=1');

    Output exactly what I wanted.

    Hmm, so I get what your saying.

    When grouping by terms it’s not going to pull the date from the posts and order by date. There are no dates associated with Terms so it doesn’t work.

    Looks like I will have to look into ordering by ID.

    As for categories, there are none. As far as I have researched is you can’t group custom post types by category and it must be done by Taxonomy and terms.

    I made the dumb example only for here because You wouldn’t know what tours I was talking about. If I just gave you what I used on my site, Glamour Kills Spring Break Tour, Outsiders Tour, Sink or Swim Tour and so on that would be meaningless information to you so I first tried creating an example of just giving a name that shows the date range when the tour took place. Then when trying to make it clearer, I used Tour1, Tour 2 and so on saying I want to order the tours like this, but replace the tour number with the tour name in production.

    This is my first time trying to write a loop like this for terms, custom post types and sorting in this time of order. On a couple other areas on my site I did it by string.

    I changed it back to date. post_date what something I found by googling and tried it since date wasn’t working.

    Basically I want posts grouped by the name of the tour the pictures were taken on.

    However, I don’t want to sort the Tour Groups by the Tour Name alphabetically.

    I want to sort each group of posts by tour and sort each group of tours by date.

    So basically, if the tours happened in this order. Tour 1, Tour 2, Tour 3 and Tour 4 with Tour 4 being the most recent.

    I want the groups of posts by term to appear like this. Tour 4, Tour 3, Tour 3, Tour 1.

    I was hoping I could do this by the posts publish date, as I changed the to the day the pictures were taken on any particular tour.

    So to follow your example:

    Tour 4
    Tour 3
    Tour 2
    Tour 1

    Replace “tour 4” with actual name of Tour 4. Example: Glamour Kills Spring Break Tour

    Just tried that and unfortunately I got the same result.

    It is still ordering by string=\

    Actually, those were just dummy strings I gave you to show the time period of the Tour.

    On my actual site they are the tour names, but you appear to be right. They are still sorting by string value and not date.

    I’m trying to have the Tour Names as the group, and sort the group by the posts dates.

    Yes, I have created a Taxonomy that has my items.

    I thought I had ‘orderby’ already.

    It appears in this line of code:

    categories = get_terms('tour', 'orderby=post_date&order=ASC&hide_empty=1');

    I have also tried it as:
    categories = get_terms('tour', 'orderby=date&order=ASC&hide_empty=1');

    Both post_date and date give me the same thing.

    Changing the order form ASC to DESC flips the order they are displayed. Ordering by ‘name’ gives me the same result as I am seeing now, so you are right, it is ordering by the the string and not a date.

    How can I get it to order by the post dates?

    Yeah, that was very odd.

    Clearing my Cache didn’t help.

    But I installed a update to OS X and Safari last night when rebooting and that seams to have fixed the issue.

    Just an added note, I just found out this problem only exists with Safari. I am able to see whats checked in Chrome and make changes.

    Apparently safari was checking off everything even though it didn’t show anything as checked off or give you the ability to check or uncheck anything.

    Really strange.

    Still not working, but DNS is slowly starting to propagate back around the world.

    So, this issue turns out to be unrelated to the internal issues bluehost were having this morning. Though was an other internal issue where my account wasn’t syncing up with there database.

    3 domain names that had auto renewed 2 to 3 weeks ago, which sent me a receipt via email and charged my credit card were not renewed in the system and were due to expire in 2 days. I also had never gotten a verification of contact information email and verification link for which I registered on July 29th.

    The whole issue was ICANN Suspended my domain name because it was not verified.

    Just got off the phone with Bluehost. Apparently they are having internal issues. I was the first to report it, and when he was looking into the support agent found an issue and put me on hold for 20 minutes to look into it.

    When he came back he apologized about the issue, and said it is most definitely them and while I was on hold a lot more things started going down. They said they have notified the administrator and they should have the issue rectified within 30 minutes to an hour.

    Still not entirely sure what the exact issue is, all they are saying is an internal issue. But they way the support agent explained it it sounded like a major internal issue thats going on now.

    I’ll report back once I hear from them.

    It’s new, but not that new. It’s been over 2 weeks since I registered the donate and updated the DNS and it was working.


    My site should be publicly accessible and not restricted to specific IP’s.

    That being said, I just switched over from my AT&T Hotspot to Hughes Net Satellite Internet and all I can get is a error saying safari can not find the server.

    That being said I guess its time to open a support ticket with Bluehost.

    This is the post with the issue:

    And this is the page where the featured image is displayed:

    I creative a custom post type for interviews, and set the publish date as the date of the interview so the one I added this morning with the issue is the second post showing under 2013.

    This is the only post I have live now with this issue, but I did test it with home page posts with the default post type and found that to be an issue as well.

    I figured out it had something to do with Jetpack and Photon. Disabled Photon fixed the issue and reenabling Photon causes the issue to return.

    With Photon disabled the broken thumbnails for my featured images are fixed but are broke again as soon as Photon is reenabled as well as all new uploads continue to break.

    Anyone know what might be the issue here causing Photon to fail on new uploads / any uploads I have made since this morning? And is it best to keep it disabled or should look into correcting the issue?

    I went back to a different portfolio plugin for now, but would like to try to get this one working as I like it’s design better.

    Maybe next week I’ll activate the plug in again and pass email my admin panel info when I have some time to see if we can figure this out.

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