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  • redwoodskwerl


    Curious about this as well. I am building an online index for a story my wife is writing. Rather than creating different but similar pods for Characters, Locations, Objects, Seasons, etc to index them, I am hoping to create a single Elements pod with a field to indicate whether an entry is a character element, location element, object element, etc. The values for this field come from a custom taxonomy called Element Type. Each Element is assigned an Element Type.

    This would give a full table of all story elements for generating an index, but it’s already getting unwieldy seeing the whole list on each selector when creating a new chapter.

    The Chapters pod has fields with selectors for Season, Location, POV Character, and more. These all reference the Elements pod.

    What I am hoping to do is have the Location field for each chapter show only those elements with an element type of Location to select from, the POV field show only the Character elements to select from, etc. But then be able to parse and sort the entire Elements table to build an index or browse/search.

    Clear as mud?

    Short version: I have an Elements pod with a Type field. That Type field is related to an Element Types taxonomy. I want to use a Customized Where clause to show only Elements with a Type of “Character”. Is this possible? And if so do I need to downgrade or hold until the fix?

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)