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  • Hi Geoff,

    Yes, I’m actually using Events Manager, not The Events Calendar. I posted in the wrong forum 🙁

    Here’s the correct post:

    In case it’s interesting for your plugin as well, it seems to be a problem with the theme that I use (Customizr). The theme creates those “daily archives” but events are not picked up there. It’s quite a popular theme, so you might want to add support for that.

    good question. It’s not custom code and I don’t have a plugin that specifically deals with archives. So it is probably generated by the theme. I’m using Customizr

    by the way, facebook connection works

    I’m having the same issue, can you confirm it’s the new version of the plugin causing it?

    Here are my final conclusions.

    The plugin tool works wonderful! It fails only when dealing with wrongly formatted *.json archives from Ning. What’s worse, a successful export from Ning is totally random! E.g. one day ning-discussion-local.json is broken, another day that one is fine but ning-pages-local.json is broken etc. On top of that, they are broken in different ways.

    The plugin already tries to fix some of the common mistakes in the files but doesn’t always succeed. So…

    1) Before you start, make sure the archives you got out of Ning are ‘parsable’, i.e. run the following script in the folder with the exported files:


    for file in *.json; do
      sed -i -e 's/^(//' $file
      sed -i -e 's/)$//' $file
      sed -i -e 's/}{/},{/g' $file
      sed -i -e 's/}]{/},{/g' $file
      sed -i -e 's/}]]$/}]/' $file


    This is actually what the plugin also does internally, except for the last substitution, which I had to use on one of my files.

    Then, check whether the ‘fixed’ json-s are really fixed with

    $ for x in *json; do cat $x | python -mjson.tool > /dev/null; done

    The above command should not produce an error.

    If you were not successful, wait 24h and do another export of the Ning data while keeping fingers crossed that this time the archive is broken in a ‘fixable’ way.

    2) If you have well-formatted archives:

    * Install wordpress 3.8.1 as usual
    * Install “the events calendar” plugin
    * Install import-from-ning plugin
    * Install buddy press 1.9.2 plugin + activate
    * Scroll to the bottom and click “Go to BuddyPress settings page”
    – enable “Friend Connections”
    – enable “Private messaging”
    – enable “Site Tracking”
    – enable “User Groups”
    – Click on the “Pages” tab and then “Update permalinks” (for them to work you need to have set in the apache configuration file for the website
    “AllowOverride All
    Options FollowSymlinks”)
    – click on “Retired” tab and then select “Group Forums”
    – Click on “Settings” and then enable “Allow activity stream commenting on blog and forum posts”
    – Click on “Forums” and the “Install Group Forums” (* Don’t install bbPress for now)

    * Put the archive in wp-content/ning-files, make sure the permissions are correct, i.e. the web server can read them. E.g.
    $ chown www-data:www-data -R * ning-files

    * Activate the import-from-ning plugin and start the import.

    *** If you have user names with non-ascii characters, bp_functions.php will set by default the usernames to “unnamed” with extra number after. If you prefer, change that to use the user’s email address:

    i.e change

    ` if ( empty( $username ) )
    $username = ‘unnamed’;`


    `if ( empty( $username ) ) {
    if ( empty( $email ) )
    $username = ‘unnamed’;
    $username = $email;

    3) After the successful import you can migrate the retired group forums to the new forums as explained here:

    Hope that helps!

    I can confirm that the plugin works quite well with the latest WordPress 3.8 and Buddypresss 1.9.

    I tested with a vanilla installation. I might write a step-by-step guide, but generally one needs to install wordpress and buddypress, activate it and enable the ‘retired’ group forums in buddypress. Then install/activate import-from-ning, do the import. After that you can install the latest bbpress and move the imported discussions from the old Buddypress group forums into the new bbpress forums. Only importing events doesn’t work because the ‘events manager’ plugin is not supported on the latest wordpress.

    Was there any progress?

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