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  • ok thank you

    Hello I would like to change the font in my widgets and blog post to be darker and bold in the widgets. Some how i do not have jet pack but I have custom css and it has no line numbers like line 802. this is the code i have in the box now
    .type-gallery .entry-title,
    .type-post .entry-title {
    text-transform: lowercase !important;
    body, button, input, select, textarea {
    color: #0F0312;
    I would like to change. could you give me a code to copy and paste.This has been a frustrating week my sharing and jet pack and other important functions have vanished from my dashboard. Was told to delete theme and install the new upgrade theme. Not sure if it will work but I am trying it. I appreciate your help with the code for the font size and color.

    This is my website

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)