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    Hi – I have just spotted this help request apologies for the delay.

    We have resolved the stripe test mode issue. Thanks for spotting this bug.

    The email address on the support page is Appologies – I thought if I put my whole email address up it might get harvested by bots and I would get spammed.

    The system is operational and working. Thanks again for spotting the bug.

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    Firstly let me apologies if you are upset in any way. I have refunded the $4.99.

    My email address is I thought it might get harvested by bots and I would get spam’d so I wrote an abbreviated email address hoping that would be enough. My phone number is 0044 7977 503464.

    Thank you for the feedback where we do not explain about the 500 page impressions – I am going to rework on the listing and add this in. I believe this is really where the confusion has come from. If we had explained this better from the start it would have been clearer.

    I believe the system is working correctly and we don’t have a bug. If you are aware of any problems please let me know and I will have them resolved. Yes we were in test mode and we have resolved this now.

    With regards to the “patience” comment I dont mean to be disrespectful in any way. I just mean that the system needs a certain number of page impressions for it to work. We can’t create accurate predictions unless we have baseline data to work with. Again if I had explained the 500 page imps in the listing it would have been clearer.

    I have to be honest with you I did not know this review was here, and that this is the way people contact for customer support. I thought users would email me. We have only recently launched the plug-in and we have been focusing on the tech, debugging and ensuring the system is working correctly. Now the system is live and out of Beta we are focusing more on customer service as new sites come on board.

    I would like to offer you a free PRO upgrade of the system for 12 months. Please accept my apologies again and if you want to take this up just send me an email and I will send you a licence key.



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    Hi Voice4Vision – your site had only 35 page impressions collected over 2 days and unfortunately we need over 500 for the system to optimise and let the AI start working its magic. I think a little more patience is required!! Also I am sorry to say I never received a support request from you so I really would have loved to of helped. We have spent over a year developing the technology and it does work. The technology is Guess.js and we have effectively created a wrapper for it which is a one click install. We track the TTI metric and compare a baseline of 100 page impressions with the system disabled and then auto enable the system and track the page speed improvements.

    Please give us another try we would love to impress you…!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)