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  • Yes, once I’d de-activated “bbp last post”, reset the font sizes in “bbp style pack”, then re-activated, they chnaged to the 14px settings I’d set them as.

    I wish I’d written down exactly what I did, and in what order.

    Regards – John

    Hello again. Just found out that Cloud Next uses Heart Internet’s hardware infrastructure, so you were correct about that, as well !!

    Hello again Robin. You must be as mad as me, still having the odd glance at your PC in the evening !!

    Anyway ….. Additional lines introduced into theme worked just great ….. Many thanks.

    I’m with Cloud Next, not Heart Internet, so there must have been a lot of it about towards the end of last week. It’s one of those things. We can all whinge about hosting issues, but given the small amount we pay for a year’s hosting, we shouldn’t expect the earth. Hopefully normal service will be resumed asap.

    Thanks again for your assistance – John

    Hello Robin. Many thanks for such a speedy response.

    If you have a look at :, you’ll see the super-sticky as the first line (the highlighted item, General Forum Rules).

    Just so you know :-

    1. I have made some PHP changes in the child theme, to suppress author name, etc.

    2. If you use this URL, you may find that responses aren’t that good right now, as my web host is recovering from some server problems they had at the end of last week.

    Thanks again for responding so quickly.

    Best Regards – John

    A little more information …..

    1. Just viewed the code, and Top-Level Form (Categories) List uses class=”bbp-forum-freshness”, whereas Sub-Level (Forums) List uses class=”bbp-topic-freshness”.

    Should these not both be “bbp-forum-freshness”. If not, could you tell me how to set “bbp-topic-freshness” ?

    2. I have also noticed that, for the top line on the Topic List, which is a super-sticky topic covering “How to post to these Forums”, the entries under Voices, Posts and Last Post are displayed in a larger font than the lines for all other (non-sticky) topics.

    Is this to be expected, or should entries for all topics not be displayed using the same font ?

    Sorry to be a pain.

    Thanks – John

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)