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  • Hi,

    Debug mode is enabled, but I don’t see any error message.

    Best regards

    I have exactly the same problem as described here.
    All requirements have been met :
    * API status : OK / Connected
    * WebShop currency = UPS account currency
    * Weight of Product in Cart : 1 Kg
    * Shop address / Customer address : UPS services are available in this region/area

    We are migrating from another UPS shipping plugin to your plugin (if it works).
    The other UPS plugin is deactivated while testing, so no interference with yours.
    Other shipping options are being displayed correctly during checkout (like mail service, DHL, …), but not yours.

    Please help.

    I have the same issue (i.e. “Error loading block: The site is experiencing technical difficulties.”) , but this is not related to my theme. I have a mirror version of my site on the same host and I don’t have issues there.

    The funny thing is that this error message is displayed in the backend (admin) , but the result is displayed correctly on the frontend.

    I’m using the ASTRA theme and WP plus all plugins are updated till the latest available version.

    I’m very curious to find out what is causing this annoyance.

    PS : Good to know -> WooCommerce blocks is part of the Woocommerce core since version 3.6 . I don’t have a separate WooCommerce Blocks plugin, but I use the built-in blocks from the latest Woo version. I tried to solve the problem by installing the WC Blocks plugin, but that didn’t help.

    Hi Voltronik,

    I’ve downloaded the bnfw-nl_NL.po file and made the necessary modifications ; regenerated the MO file and uploaded both files again to the server.

    Now it seems that not all English text strings are included in the Dutch PO file, resulting in a mix of English and Dutch text strings.

    Where can I find the full list of all English text strings and how can I add them to the PO file and making sure that the translations will show up in the right place ?

    Suggestion : you can add a language selector in the plugin settings screen, so users can select whatever language they feel comfortable with.

    Thank you tapiohuuhaa , but your suggestion doesn’t work.
    I have added the code lines at the end of the snippet, but no success. The short code is displayed on the page as text and is not converted to a product search bar.
    I’m a newbie regarding PHP and snippets, so I don’t know how to make it happen. Sorry.
    Any advise is welcome.



    The test was done using WP v 4.9.9.
    Now I have updated to WO 5.0.3 and I’m encoutering issues with your plugin.
    Meanwhile I have also installed the “Disable Gutenberg” plugin + “Classic Editor” plugin.
    I can create a new drawing , but I cannot edit an existing drawing. I get error messages and a new blang drawing area.
    Are you planning an update to be compatible with WP 5 ?

    Warning: Illegal string offset 'image_meta' in /[site-url]/wp-content/plugins/drawit/drawit.php on line 400
    Warning: Illegal string offset 'title' in /[site-url]/wp-content/plugins/drawit/drawit.php on line 404
    Warning: Illegal string offset 'title' in /[site-url]/wp-content/plugins/drawit/drawit.php on line 405
    Warning: array_key_exists() expects parameter 2 to be array, string given in /[site-url]/wp-content/plugins/drawit/drawit.php on line 408



    This is a wonderfull plugin, but I’m having issues now for the first time (since update to WP 4.7.1).

    When this plugin is deactivated, I can see all my post categories, but when activated they are all gone (hidden) on the post categories screen AND in the add/edit post screen.

    However, when activated all categories are visible in the Restrict Categories settings screen AND are all enabled under my role as administrator. Unfortunately, I cannot see them as mentioned above.

    Did something changed in WP 4.7.1 that creates a conflict with this plugin ?
    Can the plugin be updated please ?





    Our users are logged-in before they can use USP.
    So we know the user name and want to link that name to the submitted post.
    Please advise how to do this. Thanks


    I’m registered on AVNW and have posted my issue, however I cannot send a PM to the admin.
    No one is replying to my call for help.

    What can I do next ?

    I did another clean install with WP 4.6 and UM 1.3.72 as recommended and I’m still having this problem : member-only posts are displayed in search results.

    See yourself here
    I can mail you the login if you want.

    In parallel to this discussion, we tested the UM plugin alone on a new clean WP install. No other theme than the standard one and no other plugins installed.

    We also tested the different settings in the UM plugin in combination with the UM widget inside a post or page.

    Conclusion : in a mixed environment (partially public content and partially member-only content) , UM is displaying member-only content in search results to not-logged-in users. This should not happen as this member-only content should be hidden to not-logged-in users.

    Post/Page access permissions are only tested on click-through and are not tested when generating the search results.

    I’m really wondering if I’m the only one who is experiencing this behaviour as we tested this now on 4 different systems, and all generated the same not-normal behaviour.


    Situation 1 : public viewers should see public content in search results. This is not happening.

    Situation 2 : post & pages are indeed controlled by the UM access control widget, including the category they belong to. Setting : “Content accessible to Logged In Users”.
    Despite this setting, the member-only content is displayed in the search results and visible to not-logged-in users. These results should be hidden.

    OK. Forget about the 2 website copies. This was tested on the same website just by changing the settings.
    I know it’s a bit weird so let me recap the different situations that give different search behaviours. Hope this helps to provide a solution.

    ** Situation 1 ** NOT normal / as-expected behaviour
    General UM setting : Site accessible to Logged In users
    Login status : not logged in (public viewer)
    Comment : public viewers can see only public content (normal)
    Search for : existing public post or page
    Result : results are not displayed ;
    immediately displays the login screen (is not normal for public content !)

    ** Situation 2 ** NOT normal / as-expected behaviour
    General UM setting : Site accessible to EVERYONE
    Login status : NOT logged in (public viewer)
    Search for : existing public post or page
    Result : public results are displayed ;
    click on post title –> content displayed (normal)
    Search for : existing member-only content
    Result : member-only results are displayed –> (is NOT normal for member-only content ; should be hidden)
    click on post title –> login screen displayed

    I’m not native English speaking/writing , so appologize for not being clear.
    However I thought I was clear enough : search does not work as it should and is depending on the settings of the UM plugin and the UM widget.
    You say that UM is not the cause of this strange behaviour and that you know about number of reasons why it won’t work.
    Please share your experience to solve this issue.
    PS : search does function perfectly as it should when UM is disabled !
    PS 2 : anyone else who can help me ?

    So , what is the recommended solution ??

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