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  • Hi there, yes you were right. We found another cache on our server. Once we purged that the plugin finally died. Ok now its more clear. So will now know better how to use Hide My Site plugin. We will keep using it as otherwise its a really good plugin. Cheers

    Same problem here. We cloned the website via and then installed Hide my Site plugin. We had another problem started and in that process deactivated Hide My Site Plugin. The crazy thing is it kept appearing despite the plugin actually being deleted.

    Only the main page was affected, not pages which had links like /tag/ or /product/… URLS.

    We also checked to clear all cache and there is simply no code available to execute this plugin. Still it keeps showing.

    We suspect the deinstall procedure is not done properly. For sure the settings remain upon deinstall and it must also ended up in some cache – we cannot find.

    Please advise.

    Same problem here, after installing this plugin there is no page with shortcode created. Ergo I go to Menu Pages / Add new page and now it does not work anymore to create a new page. The Message I receive is “Updating failed” and its for all pages, not only with shortcode [kbe_knowledgebase].

    Also on Knowledge Base Menu, the categories do not show up.

    Is there any help here? I am using WordPress 5.2.2. This is a serious bug. Please help or I will have to uninstall this.

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    @beats247 Thank you for your feedback.

    We are working on plugin updates, will consider your input for the next update.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)