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  • I am having the same problem. The double pipe || does NOT work, even though I have gone to the specific post page and checked:

    Use ||(double-pipe) for dividing the title

    Instead, what happens is that the text expands to the full width of the page as it should, but the || shows up as text instead of a line break. What is up?

    I have use the used the class parent as such:

    <div class=”text_header_1″>
    <p style=”font-size: 2.5em; line-height: 1em; text-align: center;”>New Media World || Broadcasting || Center</p></div>

    It is a great plug-in, but unfortunately not much use if all the functionality isn’t there.

    Please help. Thanks so much!


    Thanks for providing such a great plugin! Very simple to use.

    I am having one problem though. I have set the disclaimer to open on the home page and set the cookie value to 30. The problem that I have is that if users have set their browsers to clear cookies on exit and they have bookmarked a certain page, when they go back to the page after they have closed their browser, the disclaimer pops up on the page they’ve bookmarked. When they click “Accept” and go to another page, the disclaimer keeps popping up on all of the subsequent pages. Is there a fix for this? I’m not concerned really about the disclaimer needing to pop up any place other than the home page.

    Please help, as it is really frustrating a lot of visitors to the site and I don’t want to have to disable the entire plugin as it really does a great job.

    Thank so much!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)