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    You mention that you can’t see what you are building in Gutenberg. I’m a bit unclear here. Can you clarify this?

    Get yourself a copy of Enfold Theme. Try it. See the real difference. One is intuitive, one is not. πŸ™‚ It’s about using the screenspace. Showing what options there are (not hiding them underneath (unnecessary extra mouseclicks).

    There are recent efforts to include more responsive settings in Gutenberg too!

    That is great. But still Gutenberg is the default editor while it still isn’t ready for release. That is my point (and of > 5mln Classic Editor Installers).

    Gutenberg has this too! It’s activated by clicking the + icon. But you don’t need to drag and drop them. Just click on it and it’s added!

    Yeah nice, but no where near as friendly as existing pagebuilders like Enfold, Elementor, Divi(not the best example), Avada. My clients can use those. And they can’t use Gutenberg. That is saying something. Look at what the others are doing right. Gutenberg is not a dead end; def not. But it it still too soon to be released as the new default editor.

    This seems to reveal a core philosophy of WordPress: Less options, more decisions. Gutenberg, because it’s a part of Core has adopted this philosophy as well.

    Yeah, not really the best solution looking at how many people revert back to TinyMCE.

    Sounds like that works just like Gutenberg. Click the text you want to change and click the transform option to switch it to a heading.

    Except in Tiny I can SEE all options before I need them. I kan think about the possibilities. I can switch more easy between lists, text or whatever. This requires more clicks in Gutenberg. More clicks = bad. Bulk actions is better. Seeing options is better. We can discuss about how to display the options; but we can’t discuss more clicks. This is our day-job here. Adding 2 clicks for a function means a thousands of extra clicks for me a year. Hiding options means a lot of people searching for possibilities and unhiding those when needed.

    Forum: Reviews
    In reply to: [Gutenberg] This sucks


    Hi @imdapaolo πŸ™‚ I’d like to add something to your review for @mapk

    A good block editor: Enfold Avia Builder.
    What it can do(and Gutenberg can’t) is:
    – You can see what you are building. Columns, sections, layout
    – It’s responsive friendly each block has lots of display options
    – each block has different meta data for color/look-and-feel etc with clear menu options css options and explanation of what it does or how it can be used
    – When needed you can see the complete source of a page and edit it (debug mode on). Perfect for search replace in a complete page. (like users who copy pasted from MS word including the unwanted MSO styles πŸ™ )
    – When using an import with WP-All-Import you can arrange for the page structure to be imported too. I would not know where to start with Gutenberg
    – There is a visible, categorised library of blocks that you can drag and drop in your page.
    – you can see what options the text-editor has. It is always visible while editing (*instead of Gutenberg who hides all options and I have to click a lot to see what I can do on each specific block). Look at TinyMCE advanced and what it can add.
    – When designing a page I’m not always sure what to get. Shall I use a list? Just a text, maybe a h3 and a text… With TinyMCE you can quickly edit this. With Gutenberg you have to switch blocks. And sometimes move stuff from a blok to another block. And it is VERY time consuming to fiddle to get a nice page. With TinyMCE you could just select a text. Click H3 and be done. And if you’d think it should be in a list you just clicked on the list item and it was a list. With Gutenberg Not so much.

    So. We tried Gutenberg. Its not for us. Please remove it until it is release ready.
    Make more titles/onhover/instructions to educate people what all the shortcut keys are. Make it more intuitive so you can see what you can do without clicking everywhere to figure out what possibilities lie underneath.
    A clean editor is nice; but I bought a 27″ monitor… USE THAT SPACE! Show me more. πŸ™‚

    Good luck


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    Ok tried again with the new 5.3 release – but Gutenberg still is the WORST. You can not get a quick post done.

    I miss the button-bar of TinyMCE so I don’t have to click so much before the (minimized version) buttons show up. I need to know beforehand where to move my mouse and what y options are. *That* is intuitive. Not this.

    Editing of a whole page in HTML with search and replace advantages are gone because everything is in separate blocks. I need to be able to have control over all parts of a page. All parts at once. Like a bulk edit (Change all H2 to H3’s).

    Duplicating parts of a post to another post takes way more clicks when compared to classic editor.

    It doesn’t work well with some of my themes. (I know that is a problem of my Themes(lack of Gutenberg support), but I have them; it works and Gutenberg makes it not work).

    It takes SO many more clicks to just copy/paste something from MS Word to Gutenberg before the post is publishable πŸ™

    I still can’t believe this is the standard of WordPress. And judging from the amount of people installing the Classic Editor Plugin, I’m not the only one.

    When I forget to disable Gutenberg my clients all call, without exception, that “it’s not working”. Or that they don’t know how to publish. A sign that it is not release ready for a larger n00b-audience. And that is the biggest part of your audience. People that just want to publish a news item quickly.

    A wise man once said “Kill it before it lays eggs”. Please do πŸ™‚ If you really need something like this that *does* work: install Enfold Avia Editor. Or Elementor.



    5 000 001 … and counting πŸ™‚

    Yes +1 for core πŸ˜‰

    … and tried another site today… again problems in Chrome..
    Looks like it might have something to do with the account-connection to the swift server.

    More feedback on what goes wrong dureing the login proces is needed.

    It gives the author incentive to fix what is broken. It wasn’t my extension. πŸ™‚
    But apart from that: A plugin should work even with an adblocker on.

    And… tested it after the latest update and I can subscribe now in Chrome and Firefox too. So up with the rating! πŸ™‚ Yes the plugin is pretty straightforward and works well.

    Note: i do have several plugins in chrome to block ads etc… that might be a problem.
    Fix that too πŸ™‚

    Sorry for my late replies @bruschr. I’m not getting replies from this thread.

    I’m using another mail log:
    But No SMTP functionality…

    I was not using Jetpack. But… maybe another plugin generates the same error.
    I will check back here in a week or so πŸ™‚

    Sorry – I did not solve this.
    I switched to another plugin πŸ™‚ That solved it.

    But this plugin is better… so if anyone knows what to do it would be helpful.

    And another +1. Please make this a setting: “If there is nothing to report… don’t report?”

    Further more: the email is to big. It contains A LOT of html with ‘useless’ info. A security email should provide to the point accurate messages in one overview without all the advertising. Now it’s just a daily spam tool.

    Please revert back to lean-and-mean e-mail messages

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    I’m also very curious since i’d like to embed a barcode (with a code39 web or ttf-font).

    I have found this thread for another plugin:

    YES – problem solved itself. Probably varnish cache problem or loadbalancer that needed updating.

    Thanks for the help!

    “Plugin kan niet worden geactiveerd omdat hij een fatale fout veroorzaakt.”

    The plugin can’t be activated because of a fatal error….
    Will check into cache-related problems.

    Maybe problem will fix itself…

    Thanks. Had deleted plugin already. Re uploading through FTP as we speak.
    …. to be continued…

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